Ghanaian Truck Drivers Stranded At Burkina Faso Borders Over ‘Loading Permit’

Over a hundred truck drivers are stranded at the border of Burkina Faso for not possessing loading permits. The drivers have been at the borders for about a week now, despite their efforts to get the Burkina Faso authorities at the border to consider allowing them passage.

The truck drivers are imploring the government to intervene on their present predicament. According to sources, the drivers do not posses a ‘bon de chargement’ document, which is also known as loading permit. The loading permit was introduced by the Burkina Faso authorities last year, but was later cancelled. However, the drivers had no knowledge it has been re-introduced into the system.

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The Burkina Faso authorities demanded that they the truck drivers pay a penalty of CAF 200,000 which is equivalent to GHC1,300.00 for them to be allowed access into Ouagadougou, the country’s capital.

There are about 95 trucks detained at the Burkina border and only those who are willing to pay the penalty of CAF 200,000 for breaking the law, are allowed to enter Burkina Faso. The truck drivers who cannot afford the penalty are still waiting for the matter to be resolved. Drivers at the borders are overwhelmed by this unpleasant development as they least expected things to turn out this way.

This would surely affect their businesses as they have begun counting their losses since the mishap at the Burkina Faso borders. According to the drivers they have insufficient funds to cater for themselves and the issue at hand. They are therefore, calling on government and sector agencies to intervene immediately.

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However the Burkina Faso authorities seem undeterred in upholding their precepts. According to Assistant commander of the Customs division at the Paga border, Mr. Emmanuel Lawson, the Transport Ministry has already stipulated the requirements for such drivers. Hence, he maintained that all truck drivers loading goods from Tema and Tarkoradi ports are mandated to possess a loading permit. He also reiterated to CitiNews that before they are allowed into the country, these defaulted drivers will pay the penalty of CAF 200,000.