Amazing! Ghanaian Doctor Saves Accident Victim after Operating on Him By the Road Side

An Australian-based Ghanaian doctor saves accident victim by operating on him right there by the roadside without anaesthesia. 

Dr Kwasi Yeboah, a registrar at the Royal Perth Hospital, Australia, began to make headlines following a heroic act he performed on an accident victim who was in a critical condition that almost cost his life.

It happened that Dr Yeboah was in search of a mango farm when it appeared he has missed his way and rather bumped into an accident scene. According to reports, the victim was in a very critical condition having sustained multiple fractures and a punctured lung.

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From the look of things then, it was certain the man had only few seconds to live if nothing meaningful was done very fast. Dr. Yeboah believed the only option was to operate him if there was any chance of him surviving. Considering the fact that the life of the dying man may not wait till it is done at the right place with every apparatus in place, Dr Yeboah took the bull by the horns. He operated on the man there and then! Thus, his life was saved!

Ghanain Doctor Saves Accident Victim
Dr Kwasi Yeboah the Ghanaian doctor saves accident victim by roadside operation

Hear Dr Yeboah’s version of the story:

I was going to find mangoes to buy on a mango farm and I think I missed my turning or I couldn’t find the sign so I kept driving north… It was chaotic and hard to describe as there were cars driving past and people pulling up as well and at a distance running across the road, I didn’t think he will make it. 

At that time the assessment was that he had a tension pneumothorax which is a life threatening condition and could be fatal. He was deteriorating before our eyes, his blood pressure was going down, his heart rate was rising, his oxygen level was dropping, and I thought he was going to die.

 Anything you do for a patient is a calculated risk and at that time it was a calculated risk that had to be made within seconds. He was going to have a cardiac arrest so I said to him, mate I am going to do something which is going to hurt, but it will save your life, then he put his hand on my knee and said go for it.When he was ready for transfer back into the helicopter, he deteriorated again so he kept saying doc doc doc you’ve got to do something so I run back, and they took him out of the ambulance unto the road and then I had to open up his chest again through the old wound to let out the air trapped in his chest. 

Isn’t it really amazing how this Ghanaian doctor saves accident victim almost with bare hands? Reports say the patient is expected to walk though he is still at the moment confined to a wheel chair.