Ghanaian ISIS Recruit Killed; Funeral Rites Held In Ghana

Mohammed Nazir an ISIS recruit who joined in 2015 has been killed in an ISIS battle in Syria. According to reports, his funeral rites were held in Ghana.

Mohammed Nazir Nortei Alema was just like any other average graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University before it was discovered he opted to join terrorist group ISIS (Islamic State In Iraq and Syria). He has been reportedly killed in an ISIS battle in the Syrian city of Homs. According to reliable sources, his funeral rites were held in Ghana, on Sunday.

The funeral (Adua) prayers was led by the former Chief Imam of London Sheik Abdul Rahman, in Osu where his family resides.

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The ISIS recruit reportedly joined the group in 2015. Some students of the Nkrumah University had spoken on a show on Luv FM, saying they were shocked when they heard that the quiet and calm former student had joined the Jihadist group. The motive behind his decision was not known as it took everyone by surprise.

It was also feared that there might be secret camp for the Jihadist group in the University which no one knew about.

In 2015, the ISIS recruit, Nazir was said to have sent a message to his family informing them about his decision to join ISIS after completing a one-year National Service with the Ghana Statistical Service. To confirm the authenticity of the letter, it was said to have the same template with that of the terrorist group.

Nazir’s father and his brother, Kabiru Alema had decided to search his laptop on hearing the news and were shocked by what they found – Their dear Nazir had been watching ISIS operations and propaganda including how they trained children to become soldiers. Devastated with the discovery the family searched for him but never found him.

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But unfortunately for the ISIS recruit and his family, he lost his life in one of the ISIS battles. According to some reports, another Ghanaian ISIS recruit who gave his name as Mr Yusif, a graduate of the University of Mines in Prestea, announced Mr Nazir’s death to the family through an email.

Government has been at alert since the terrorist threats intensified in these parts of Africa. Parents have also been urged to pay attention to what their children do as there terrorists seek intelligent, vibrant, and mostly young graduates or middle-aged people who would share in their belief.