Ghanaian Lesbian Couple Wed In Holland: Another Gay Wedding Abroad Draws Attention

Ghanaian lesbian couple – They may not be the first, but since President Nana Akufo-Addo’s touched on the subject in an interview with AL-Jazeera, a little over two weeks ago, the talks of homosexuality have put many who practice homosexuality in the public eye.

They are Ghanaians, but it didn’t happen in Ghana. A lesbian couple has driven up the conversation around homosexuality on social media as photos of their marriage floods the internet.

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It was concluded that the couple are Ghanaians, as they got wed in the country’s traditional kente cloth for the traditional part and also had an accompanying white wedding.

Photos of the Ghanaian lesbian couple have been floating social media and of course, mixed reactions have followed the unusual but existent happening. The pictures have also sparked up the conversation once again about gay rights which was started a few weeks ago with President Akufo-Addo’s interview with Al Jazeera.

President Nana Addo’s Gay Statements

A few weeks ago, Nana Addo in the interview made the point that although the pressure to legalize homosexuality is not that severe, Ghana is likely to legalize same-sex marriage in the future.

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The President said that legalization of homosexuality is bound to happen in Ghana if public opinion for its legalization grows stronger. Negative comments from different stakeholders flooded various media platforms with many questioning the possible motive behind Nana Addo’s gay statements.

While many agreed with President Akufo-Addo’s position that the subject was not of concern now because it was not part of the country’s national priorities, others condemned him for saying Ghana may gradually get there.

This part of his speech, critics have argued, would only encourage gay people. Clergymen, as expected, championed the negative comments and called for a reinforcement of the ban on homosexuality in Ghana.

The proposers of this argument will surely have a lot to talk about when they must have viewed photos of these two Ghanaian black ladies kissing online. According to some sources, the two ladies are Ghanaians who had wedded in the Netherlands (Holland).