Gifty Anti Reacts to Fake Doctorate Degree Issue; See What She Says to Clear the Air…

Stories on Gifty Anti’s fake Doctorate degree is set to be put to rest as the popular broadcaster has come out to clear the air on what actually transpired 

Ace Tv personality and women’s right activist, Oheneyere Gifty Anti has reacted to assertions of her possessing a fake doctorate degree. Gifty Anti cleared herself of the allegations while speaking with real Eugene, host of the BigX show on Radio Univers.

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Speaking on the show, Gifty Anti plainly stated that she had no idea that the certificate was fake. She explained that she got no negative information about the institution neither did she know that they were unaccredited before accepting the degree. According to her, what interested her most at the time she got the offer to be honoured was the fact that the University knows about her, to think of conferring a degree on her.

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She went on to explain that she searched for information about the institution on google when they informed her of their intention to honour her with a Doctorate Degree. From her search results, she discovered that the institution had honoured several other prominent personalities from different parts of the globe in the past. She also found out that she will be honoured alongside four other persons at that time. Hence, she accepted the offer. Some of her words:

“I didn’t read anything negative about them so I accepted it. That is all I know about. If they are fake, very bad. I didn’t have a cause to believe that they are not credible.”

Gifty Anti received the said Honorary Doctorate Degree Certificate from the Global Center for Transformational Leadership in 2012. However, news of Gifty Anti’s fake Doctorate Degree broke out after she was named among a number of Ghanaians who have been conferred with degrees from unaccredited institutions. The findings were made by researchers from the Valdosta State University, in Valdosta USA, who subsequently alerted Ghana’s Minister of Education on the number of prominent individuals in the country who have acquired fake doctorate degrees from such institutions.