Gifty Anti’s Royal Wedding: Catch All the Hearty Moments In These 14 Beautiful Photos

Gifty Anti, the long standing Ghanaian single lady has at last said “I do”. It has been the prayer of a lot of her fans over the years that she find true love and get married. This finally happened as she tied the knot with Oyiakehyire Nana Ansah Kwao IV, Chief of Adumasa.

All the while, she had always treated the subject of marriage with complacency, saying marriage isn’t her priority, and that she’ll get married when she wants. Thanks to God that this has finally happened, and remarkably in the grandest way you could ever have imagined. The ceremony which took place at East Legon, with the reception at Aburi in the Eastern Region was nothing short of a royal wedding.

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Gifty Anti is an ace Ghanaian journalist and broadcaster. She is the host of “The Standpoint” programme; which discusses issues affecting women on Ghana Television. If you missed witnessing the occasion live, you shouldn’t miss catching a glimpse of what it was like as captured by the camera! Here are beautiful photos from the grand wedding.


Check out this kingly and Grand Decor



The Bride Sitting with Dignitaries while the Groom Waits for her to Join him


Mr and Mrs Kwao Ansah


The Couple Digging it!



The digging continues in more styles as Becca gives them a Piece of her splendid voice




Time to Kiss the Bride…



Becca and Other Celebrities at the Wedding