How Mahama Celebrated Christmas Since 2013 As President

Following the outcome of December 19th election, it is no news that President Mahama has yesterday celebrated his last Christmas as president. He, however, did not fail to celebrate it in his usual way of going to his hometown of Bole Bamboi in the Northern region.

The outgoing president was greeted by a massive crowd of excited people who gave him a hero’s welcome. Mr Mahama took his time out to call on the country to count their blessings as he prayed for an accident-free Christmas. The president maintained his manner of celebrating Christmas since he took over in 2013.

How Mahama Celebrated Christmas since 2012
President Mahama During 2015 Christmas in Bole Bamboi

In 2015, Mahama celebrated Christmas with children in his hometown. The president celebrated it with his family and shared gifts of clothes and drinks to children. The president’s message was on thanksgiving to God and need for sharing.

How Mahama Celebrated Christmas since 2012
Mahama In His Hometown , 2014 Christmas

The 2014 Christmas was also celebrated by the president in his hometown. Together with the  First Lady Mrs Lordina Mahama, he celebrated it with children. The first family joined a children’s party which they organised, and the president had a sitting with traditional and opinion leaders in the town. The president’s Christmas message was on discipline on roads to avoid accidents.

How Mahama Celebrated Christmas since 2012
President Mahama and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in Dubai, 2013

President Mahama Celebrated Christmas in 2013 in Dubai where he met with Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the UAE.  This was the only time that he would miss spending his Christmas in the shores of Ghana.

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The president was criticised by many for spending the Christmas outside the country as it was his first since taking the oath of office in January 2013, and it was a time when the country was facing financial difficulties.