‘I’m Going Back To Contest In Jomoro’ – Samia

After all the drama, Samia Nkrumah has said she is going back to Jomoro Constituency to contest. The failed presidential aspirant says she is ready to contest for the Jomoro parliamentary seat which she had lost to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in 2012. According to her, that would give her an opportunity to serve the Convention People’s Party (CPP) again. Samia as it appears is willing to to serve in any capacity to ensures that the CPP wins power in the November general election.

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Samia had lost to her contender Greenstreet who obtained 1288 votes while she had only 579 votes. The failed aspirant is however not giving up on her party, she said in a recent statement that she would seek to claim back the seat she had lost in 2012.

”We have decided to put what happened at the congress behind us and focus on the CPP’s 2016 election campaign. Many of us are willing to serve in whatever capacity, I personally I am looking at going back to contest the Jomoro seat,” she said.

Samia won the Jomoro parliamentary seat in the Western region in 2008 when she first contested. She however, lost the seat in 2012. She had turned down invitations from various sections of the Jomoro constituency to contest the seat again, but after her defeat to Greenstreet in the recent primaries, she has indicated interest in the Jomoro seat.

Samia who had claimed that the new presidential Candidate had bribed his way to victory during the elections, also expressed her plight during the campaigns, hence the elections.

“I know I was ousted because some people intentionally did a vilification campaign against me but that will not deter me from going ahead and winning the Jomoro seat once again. The plans and objectives I have for my party still stands. We are never going to give up until our mission is accomplished,” she said.

Recounting the event of 2012 Presidential Candidate Dr Abu Sakara’s exit from the party, she said she had no hand in the whole issue.

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