One Corner Craze: Islamic SHS Students In Hot Soup For Participating In Uncultured Dance

One Corner Craze – A certain video that went viral on social media showed students of the Islamic Senior High School (ISSEC) twerking to the ‘One Corner’ song. The students were made up of nine girls and four boys and apparently posted the video on their social media pages.

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The Council of Imams and Zongo Chiefs in the Ashanti Region who have sternly condemned the video has called for considerate punishment to be meted out to the students to serve as a deterrent to their colleagues.

Patapaa, a young, up and coming artiste recently released a single titled ‘One Corner’ – a song which appears to have taken social media by storm.

The popular song by Patapaa was accompanied with a crazy dance that requires one to seduce himself in a corner and perform a sexually stimulating dance. The dance is notable for how it involves the humping of any nearby object in an aggressive manner.

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Not just enough for the ‘grown-up youths’, adolescent students have also joined in the One Corner craze. The Islamic students comprised adolescent boys and girls who were obviously lost in the sexually stimulating dance as they held on to different objects in a bid to do the moves.

Disciplinary Actions

The circulation of the video which was shared via the students’ personal social media pages caught the attention of the school authorities who brought up the issue before management.

One Corner Craze in Islamic SHS

The school immediately referred the 13 students to the school’s Disciplinary Committee for filming themselves in their classroom twerking to the erotic music.

According to reports, a meeting was called between the parents of the students and the school’s disciplinary board on Tuesday, October 3, where long deliberations were held.

Furthermore, some students who spoke to Citi News on condition of anonymity expressed reservations on the matter. They said the actions of their colleagues have a potential of denting the image of the school considering its Islamic values.

Imams React

The matter has become a subject of discussion for residents in Muslim dominated communities within Kumasi. The Council of Imams and Zongo Chiefs have expressed its displeasure over the matter describing the actions of the students as uncultured.

One Corner craze

The council also demanded that the obscene video is pulled down from social media, as the actions exhibited by the students are against the tenets of the Islamic religion.

These and more were emphasized by the Secretary to the council, Ustaz Ahmed Seidu who was in an interview with Citi News.

The council Seidu said, will not suggest the sacking of the students, but a punishment that will teach them some lessons, since they were final year students. This according to him, will serve as a deterrent to other students.

The One Corner dance and song, currently the biggest song in Ghana, has seen people go haywire by perching on different objects including cars, chairs, electric poles and many other unimaginable things, to do the sexually stimulating move.