NPP Is Full of Vengeance – Ivor Greenstreet

Ivor Greenstreet at Walewale constituency, urged the people to vote for the CPP as it is the only party which has truly served the people…

The Presidential Candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) Ivor Greenstreet, has urged the people to reject the New Patriotic Party (NPP) promises, because the major opposition is a party of vengeance.

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The CPP Flagbearer said this while speaking at a mini rally in the Walewale Constituency, in the Northern Region. Greenstreet told the people that the NPP’s wind of change which is extensively hyped by the party, will only bring vengeance and chaos to the nation. According to him, the major opposition party does not have the people’s interest at heart.

He also wondered why the NPP running mate Dr. Bawumia developed a sudden interest in the constituency because he wanted to be the Vice-President of Ghana. According to him, Bawumia goes around making promises and donations to buy the minds of the people.

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He pointed out that the NPP running mate is;

one of the Accra Northerners who only come to give their empty talk to deceive the people of Walewale, deceive the people of Mamprusi and the people of the Northern Region and deceive the people of Ghana on behalf of the party whose Arise for Change, means nothing.

Ivor Greenstreet at Walewale, also accused the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the NPP, of neglecting the people by failing to develop the constituency. He pointed out that the two parties have done nothing for the area, in their respective eight years in power. He asked that his party, the CPP, be given a chance to turn things around.

Greenstreet stressed that the CPP which governed the country from 1957 to 1966, is the party which has truly served the people.