JB Danquah’s Case Discontinued: Fast Facts You Must Know

JB Danquah’s Case Discontinued: There seems to be a closure on the murder case involving two teenage boys accused of killing former Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North Joseph Boakye Danquah Adu.

The last hearing on JB Danquah’s case which took place at an Accra High Court on Tuesday May 30, 2017, saw the presiding judge call for the discontinuation of the case, on vague grounds. The court said the decision was taken after the State Attorney, Sefakor Batse, announced in court that the trial will not continue.

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According to reports, the State Attorney did not give any reason for the decision to drop the charges against the two, Daniel Asiedu and Vincent Bosso.

Sefakor Batsa cited Section 54 of the Criminal and Other Offences Act, 1960 (Act 30), as the basis for the Attorney General decision to file a nolle prosequi to discontinue with the prosecution. Following the order, the High Court trying the suspects, subsequently discharged the two, Joy News’ Joseph Ackah-Blay reported from the court.

This recent development has dragged many Ghanaians into a pool of confusion amid speculation regarding the possible reason behind the sudden diversion on such a sensitive case.

JB Danquah's case
Late JB Danquah

JB Danquah’s Death

According to a statement formerly issued by the prime suspect Daniel Asiedu on his first appearance in court on February 16 2016. Daniel had confessed to have committed the crime that led to the sudden death of Abuakwa North JB Danquah.

He was said to have gone to late Danquah’s Shiashie residence in Accra, at about 1.00am while he was asleep. Mr. Asiedu had a catapult, a cutter and a knife and he entered the house through the iron fence at the blind side of the security man.

He climbed up to the victim’s bedroom with the help of a ladder and while he was still asleep. Mr. Asiedu searched through the house but unfortunately for him Abuakwa North JB Danquah woke up and dragged the knife with him while shouting for help.

He had stabbed the victim on  the chest and his palms and left him almost dead while he made away with the victim’s two iPhones and a tablet.

Mr. Asiedu finally escaped by jumping on the poly tanks and jumping over the electric fence then he made it to the next compound from where he made his way off.

Days later Mr. Abuakwa North JB Danquah was found dead at his apartment and since then the police began investaigations which led to the arrest of Mr. Daniel Asiedu and his accomplice Mr. Vincent Bosso.

JB Danquah’s Case

The suspects Daniel Asiedu and Vicent Dosso Booso, have been in police custody for more than a year. This was following Asiedu’s confession, as well as his demonstration of how the crime was committed.

It can be recalled that when the two last appeared at the Criminal Division of the Accra High Court two weeks ago, the case was adjourned for the empanelling of a jury for the trial to begin.

A jury was to be constituted a week earlier, but the prosecution pleaded with the court for an adjournment. The prosecution had told court there was a new development in the case which needed to be addressed.

The state attorney, however, did not give details of the development. There is definitely more to the discontinuation ofJB Danquah’s murder case as we have come to understand. However, other facts pertaining to the issue are yet come to light.

Danquah’s Killers to be Re-Arrested  -AG Gloria Akuffo

The AG has stated that the two murder suspects in JB Danquah’s case will be re-arrested after investigations are reopened on the case. Interacting with the media, she explained that the case was dropped to allow for further investigations into some aspects of it.