Jessica Saforo’s Recent Warning on How You Treat Men of God Is One of Its Kind – A Must-Read!

Co-host of Viasat1’s Celebrity Fanzone, Jessica Saforo is at it again! She has come down with one of those her words of admonition which you will hardly get elsewhere. This time, the iconic TV presenter warns Christians about how they treat “Men of God”.

According to Miss Saforo, they are not to be treated like demi-gods because they are also men like every one else, albeit the addition of “of God” to it.

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Jessica issued out this sound advice while commenting on the incidence of Rev. Josh Laryea’s suspension. Recall that Pastor Laryea of The International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) who doubles as a gospel musician was recently laid aside from ministerial duties for immoral conduct.

Speaking on Celebrity Fanzone on Saturday, Jessica Saforo described the ugly incident as one that has exposed a lot of skeletons in the religious cupboard, warning people to desist from behaviours and attitudes that send people away from the house of God instead of drawing them in, which is the main purpose of the church. According to the weight-loss model, the church is supposed to be an ocean and a hospital for the lost and broken, not a museum for only good people.

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Speaking further, Jessica cautioned Christians to avoid treating men of God as demigods. She pointed out that people have taken their reverence for men of God to a point where it appears as if they are now worshiping what people are doing instead of the Supreme God. She also said that not all of the so-called men of God are from God; adding that “in any case they are men first before of God”.

…I am not saying we shouldn’t have reverence for men of God but I have observed that we have got to the point of treating men of God like demi-gods. Where it almost feels as if we are no more worshiping the ultimate God but what people are doing. And not all of these men are from God and in any case they are men first before of God, Miss Saforo advised.

Continuing, the beautiful broadcaster made it clear that all “men of God” are also struggling to do the right thing like everyone else; stressing that anyone who measures his or her faith and spiritual level with that of a church leader will end up very disappointed.

…So you always have that at the back of your mind because they also struggling to do the right thing just like your or i. If you are saying your level of spirituality or whatever you believe in is dependent on how good the man who is leading you is, you will be so disappointed, Jessica warned.

What’s your own take on the above topic? Is Jessica Saforo right, or do you think she needs to be corrected in some ways? Let’s have your views at the comment session, please…