Kafui Danku Just Revealed How She Got Her First Child And We’re Greatly Inspired!

Kafui Danku is certainly everyone’s favourite – no doubts! Her strong personality blended with passion, softness and deep beauty are some of the reasons she is endeared to the hearts of many, both Ghanaians and foreigners.

Recounting her experiences with being a wife, getting pregnant and becoming a mother, Kafui Danku takes us down a memory lane filled with challenges, pains, and losses, but at the same time characterised by great faith in God, an unfailing hope and a victorious perseverance.

Speaking on Joy news Prime Entertainment, Kafui narrated how she made constant and sincere prayers to God to give her a child. According to the beautiful actress, she asked God to make it happen before she turns 35. She gave God a two-year deadline, and He didn’t fail her!

She however maintained that even if God did not answer her prayers within her specified time, she will still continue her life happily without worries.

“I told God that when I turn 35 and it doesn’t happen, I’ll still be happy and won’t even think about it. I’ll live like that if that’s how you want it,” she said.

From all indications, God answered her prayers as she has already given birth and is yet to turn 34. Kafui said, “I will be 34 next month. I believe strongly that sincere prayers are what God listens to. You don’t have to frown and speak in languages you don’t understand.”

Kafui Danku was actually speaking in reaction to recent rumours that she is expecting a second baby. The actress had last Tuesday posted a suggestive message on her Instagram page saying:

“Dear Titan, (Unborn Son) if you’re the one causing my “gbonyo” face, No Problem but if it’s not you then Na real Wah for me”.

This sparked gossips all around the media that another baby is on the way for the unique actress. But commenting on the issue, the actress said she is open to the prospect of a second child and will be glad to have him.

“I just said okay, when I have a son I’ll name him Titan so I wrote a letter to my unborn son…,” she explained.

Kafui Danku’s Ordeal Before First Child

Married to an elderly Canadian man Kojo Pitcher, Kafui Danku went through what many may describe as hell before finally having a successful pregnancy and delivery.

The actress revealed she had one still birth and three miscarriages prior to the birth of her baby girl, named Lorde Ivana Pitcher, who was born in 2016.

She had released photo shoots of her baby bump, giving God all the praise for the blessing and also encouraging the world to trust in God. One of the numerous photos had the write-up:

“I prayed for this DAY and it has finally come…A NEW DAY has indeed come! After 1 stillbirth and 3 miscarriages. I didn’t give up. The Lord has his plans, when the time is right it will happen… And all flesh shall see it.”

Kafui Danku’s Marriage

Kafui’s marriage ranks among those celebrity marriages that generated much buzz on the social media, with lots and lots of trolls accompanying the news.

The first time Danku’s husband came to public notice was when the actress posted photos of their baby’s christening. To her greatest surprise, fans’ attention was diverted from the miracle of her baby’s birth, to her husband, owing to his age and nationality, with many of them criticizing her choice.

She however, stood by her decision, describing older men as better off because they are “calm and mature”.

Kafui in an interview sometime revealed that her husband’s age is almost double of hers. And remember she is in her mid thirty’s; meaning Mr. Pitcher is close to 70!

On how she met her husband, the brazen actress said they met in a flight, became friends and subsequently tied the knot 7 years ago. She also revealed that Mr. Pitcher already has three kids before meeting her.

Well, from all indications, one needs not be told that Danku is very happy in her marriage.

…And Who Exactly Is This Kafui Danku?

Kafui Danku is an up rising Ghanaian actress, movie producer, and CEO of ABC Pictures. Find out more about her career on her website.

Kafui was born in Ho, in the Volta Region of Ghana, where she both had her basic and high school education. After her secondary education, she proceeded to the University of Cape Coast where she studied English and Classics.

The beautiful actress is popular for her roles in the following movies: A Little Affair, Heal My Heart, 4play Reloaded, Shadows in the Dark, Sin of the Soul, A Reason to Kill, etc.