KNUST Student Suicide: Everything You Should Know About the Saddening Incident

The sad story of the KNUST student suicide calls on the society to be more attentive to the issue of depression, which is mostly of a relegated concern in this part of the world.

The bizarre story of a Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) student who committed suicide has continued to raise tons of questions regarding the actual reason behind the sad incident.

18-year-old Adwoa Agyarkwa Anyimadu-Antwi who happens to be the daughter of Hon. Kwame Anyimadu-Antwi, Member of Parliament (MP) for the Asante Akim Central constituency, took her own life by hanging herself with a rope over a ceiling fan on February 24, 2017.

The incident took place in one of the hostels on the University campus. Sources confirmed that one of her room mates on seeing her, had rushed to rescue her by cutting down the rope; but couldn’t save her as she was already dead. Her body has since been deposited at the KNUST hospital morgue.

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KNUST student suicide
KNUST student suicide: late Adwoa Agarkwa Anyimadu-Antwi

What saddens many, as well as raises more questions, is a letter said to be found on her bed at her Independence Hall room 142 which read; “Sorry mummy and daddy for not been the girl you want me to be”. The letter which projected an absolute suicidal case to the public, brought many to tears, having presented a very pathetic image of a depressed young girl.

KNUST student sicide: note reportedly found in late Adwoa's room
KNUST student sicide: note reportedly found in late Adwoa’s room

Different Versions of Events

Following the sad discovery of the letter, several assumptions have been arrived at from different sections of the public. One of the assumptions still making waves is that the late KNUST student killed herself because she failed a course in her end of semester examinations, and that apparently angered her parents.

The reason explained above was also reiterated by a journalist with KNUST’s Focus FM, who said some of her friends recounted the deceased had lamented over the past week that she was not performing well academically as expected by her parents. In another report, the young girl was said to have killed herself after she was jilted by her boyfriend for failing her exams.

It was said that late Adwoa never showed any sign of depression but on the day of the incident, she was said to have faked an illness, in order to be left alone in the room while her colleagues went for lectures.

However, following different reports in the media regarding the cause of her death, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of KNUST, Kwame Yeboah pleaded with the media to soft pedal on such reports, as the case is still under investigations. Investigations by the police as well as authorities of KNUST are still ongoing on the case which has been tagged a suicidal one.

Father of Late KNUST student Breaks Silence

MP for Asante Akim Central, Kwame Anyimadu-Antwi has finally broken silence on the unfortunate suicidal death of his daughter. The New patriotic Party (NPP) MP who was visited by his fellow MPs at his East Legon residence, narrated how disheartened he felt when he got the news his daughter’s death.

MP Kwame Anyimadu-Antwi: Father of late Adwoa
KNUST student suicide: MP Kwame Anyimadu-Antwi, father of late Adwoa

The MP who revealed he was in Parliament when he got the sad news, said the moment he found out that his eldest daughter had indeed committed suicide was the most difficult moment of his life. The heartbroken father of late Adwoa who was greatly shocked by the news, still wonders why his daughter would take her own life amid all the provisions, love and support shown her by her family.

“…we provided everything for her and made sure she was always happy. She was my best friend,” late Adwoa’s father lamented.

On how he took the news; the MP said he had hoped the sad news was false or just a mere prank. He said it was a trying moment for him and his family when they eventually met the school authorities to identify the body of his daughter at the morgue of the university hospital.

Adwoa was described as a lively and jovial person by her father, a good Christian who has taken her death with good faith and hope that God who gives, has taken. Adwoa will be buried on Saturday, March 4, at Patrensa, near Konongo in the Ashanti Region. May her soul rest in peace.

The sad story of the KNUST student suicide calls on the society to be more attentive to the issue of depression, which is mostly of a relegated concern in this part of the world. Depression is real, and for this reason, parents, schools, churches and the society at large are urged to create the awareness, as well as support the emotionally troubled.

We also use this opportunity to appeal to all whose life is going miserable to seek help before the condition becomes overwhelming, to forestall tragic incidents like this.

Please, if you are undergoing challenges that are becoming too difficult to handle, seek counsel, don’t die in silence. We also plead with all to reach  out to those who need emotional support before it becomes too late.

Your life is more precious than anything you can ever think of!

There is life after death, and if you intentionally take away yours here, there is doubt you will ever find rest hereafter!

Suicide is not the answer!