Kofi Kinaata’s Songs: Uprising Musician Expresses Fears of Disappointing Fans in Coming Albums

Kofi Kinaata’s songs, especially his latest hit “Confession” has been making waves in the Ghana Music Industry and beyond; but how to meet fans’ expectations in his subsequent songs is really giving the musician a serious headache.

Speaking to Showbiz in a recent interview, Kofi Kinaata revealed that he has been put under continual pressure by the desire to come up with works that are better than the previous ones he has done. According to the Sweetie Pie hit maker, he has already set a very high standard for himself and is now worried about disappointing his fans with something below their expectations.

“Though a lot of Ghanaians see me to be doing well, there is always pressure on me to come out with powerful songs,” the rapper said.

He went ahead to say that his capability was doubted by many when he newly hit the music scene. According to Kinaata, many people rated him as a one-time hitmaker after his Susuka song, but he proved them wrong by following it with the wave-making Sweetie Pie and Confession. However, he is now faced with the challenge of keeping the flag flying high.

“My anxiety now is how to craft the next song for the fans since I have raised everyone’s expectations high”, he added.

He however expressed confidence in his ability to come up with something meaningful, considering how he usually puts in his all whenever he is working on a song; adding that it may be the reason his songs are loved by all.

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In response to what he plans to do in the coming years, Kofi Kinaata said that he will continue to invest in songs that will not bring his brand down, especially while considering the fact that his music appeals to both the young and the old. He also said that he wants fans to be patient with him, and listen to whatever he puts out, instead of judging him with high standards.

Kofi Kinaata’s Songs – Most Popular Singles

Some of the general features all of Kofi Kinaata’s songs possess are simplicity and directness. The singer himself once said that people easily fall in love with his lyrics because he makes his words very clear and easy to understand, even by those who cannot speak Fante. Below are the musician’s hit songs.

Susuka (2015)

The Susuka song is an Afro-beats/Hiplife single released by Kofi Kinaata in 2015. ‘Susuka’ means stop complaining, and the theme of the song is to give thanks to God for life because it is only a dead man that has no problems.

The thought-provoking song showed people in different life conditions from good to bad and worst. It then urged people to stop comparing themselves with others but to appreciate the life one has at the moment and give thanks to God everyday, knowing that there are people in worse conditions. Watch the video below.

Sweetie Pie (2016)

Sweetiee Pie is Kofi Kinaata’s love song which expresses deep love for a lady with an attractive body. Watch video below.

Confession (2017)

The Confession song which was was first released in December, 2016 ahead of the Christmas festivities; but was officially released in 2017. The central message of the song is the dangers of drinking before driving. Many have related the song to “Jesus Take The Wheel”.

The Confession song gained wide popularity within a very short while as it was adapted by both the young and old in different activities. It was also used widely by the Black Stars during the 2017 African Cup of Nations tournament, especially in the Ghana vs Uganda match where the players were seen making the song’s dance steps when they score. The song also received considerable playtime and moved up to the Top 10 songs in 2016 alongside Vison DJ and AI’s “Grind”. Watch video of the Confession song below.

Some other popular Kofi Kinaata’s songs include ‘Time No Dey’, ‘Made In Tadi’ and ‘Oh Azaay’.

About Kofi Kinaata

Kofi Kinaata is a young and uprising Ghanaian gospel cum highlife musician and songwriter whose real name is Martin King Arthur. He exhibits a highly fascinating smoothness when it comes to freestyle rap in his native Fante language; a skill that has earned him the nickname, ‘Fante Rap God (FRG)’.

King Arthur started his music career back during his days at the Takoradi Technical Institute, and has also worked with Ghanaian musicians Castro, Samini and Kesse. The rapper is currently under the management of the High Grade Family, owned by Tony Pan.

Kofi Kinaata has been on the music scene for about three years now. But since after winning the Song Writer of the Year and Best New Artiste of the Year awards at the 2016 edition of the Ghana Music awards, the rapper appears to be rubbing shoulders with A-list musicians in the country at the moment.

The young musician has recently been spotted doing some good live band sessions and he says his management team is solidly behind his performances. It has been Kinaata’s dream to work with great musicians like Paapa Yankson, A.B Crentsil and Gyedu Blay Ambolley; but he says he is patiently waiting for that dream to come to reality.