Extend 4-Year Presidential Tenure – Kufuor Renews Debate

Kufuor debates 4-year term at the event, rebuking people who drafted the constitution for not taking time to research adequately before deciding on the duration for Presidency

Former President Kufuor has reiterated his calls for an extension of the 4-year presidential tenure. According to the former President, four years is not enough to to make a meaningful impact as President. He has also said that the 1992 constitution may have overlooked the fact that a four-year presidency, is not enough for effective development.

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Kufuor renewed his calls at the International Conference of African Philosophy and studies, at the University of Ghana. The conference was on the theme “Democracy; Justice and Development In Africa: 50 Years after Independence”. Kufuor debates 4-year term at the event, rebuking those who drafted the constitution, for not taking time to research adequately before deciding on the duration for Presidency.

This will not be the first time Kufuor has put up this argument. It can be recalled that in Kufuor’s last address to parliament after 8 years in power, he opened a debate over presidential tenure. He had suggested that at least a five-year tenure should be suitable for the African situation.

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Analysing the system, he said that the first year in government is often used to configure the new administration as the new team tries to appreciate how governance works. He continued that in the second year, several bills are drafted and submitted to parliament, as well as other programmes that roll into that year.

He also said that in the third year, government then recounts its steps to see the areas which require some fine-tuning. All these, coupled with the back-breaking pre-election activities in the fourth year, will not allow government reach its full potentials, he explained.

He then urged that a five-year tenure be introduced so that, “the third year would see to the maturing of policies and laws, the fourth year will see the good policies that would serve the nation”.

He then added that this will aid government’s efforts to actualise and fulfil the promises it made to the people.