Alarming! See the Number of ‘Noisy’ Churches and Mosques Shut Down in Lagos, Nigeria

Among the Lagos churches shut down are a variety of Christian denominations scattered across the most populous city in Africa

About 70 churches and 20 mosques have been shut down in Lagos State of Nigeria. This was done by the government, with the sole aim of reducing noise in the city. In addition, about 10 hotels and clubs were also shut down.

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The General Manager, Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA), Bola Shabi, who made this known, said that henceforth, worshipers of any denomination are prohibited from praying in makeshift (uncompleted) buildings and tents.

Lagos State Governor, Akinwumi Ambode
Lagos State Governor, Akinwumi Ambode

With a population estimated at 21 million (which is a little below the entire population of Ghana), Africa’s largest city is known for its uncontrollable noise brought about by frustrating traffic jams, Muslim calls to prayer, choirs of loud Church singing, and so on. Following the government’s plan of making Lagos city noise free by year 2020, it had to take such a drastic move.

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The LASEPA GM Mr Shabi during his announcement, lauded some Muslim communities for complying accordingly. (which also is the reason they have the lesser number of outlets shut down). According to him,

The level of compliance is more on the mosque area, because immediately you shut them, they instantly bring down their speakers or reduce the noise they make, he said on Wednesday.

Nigerians are extremely religious, with a large number of evangelical churches operating in Lagos. In the city of Lagos, you find churches in the most unexpected places, with loud noises brought about by their non-stop singing and dancing. Among the Lagos churches shut down are a variety of Christian denominations scattered across the most populous city in Africa.

Seeing as the city’s population is projected to double in size by 2050, it is indeed a good way of effecting the plan of reaching a zero percent noise rate by government.