Lebanese Rapes 19-Year-Old Househelp: Police Investigations So Far

Lebanese Rapes 19-Year-Old – The most bizarre incidents keep recurring our society; under our noses. These unfortunate events often go unpunished; but not this time. A Lebanese national who allegedly raped his 19-year-old house help is currently in the grips of the Police.

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Addad Rabih was arrested by four policemen from the East Legon District Police Command for allegedly raping his 19-year-old house-help at Airport Hills residential area in Accra.

Before you start to wonder if this is a frame-up, hear from the victim’s side. The 19-year-old whose name is withheld narrated her ordeal to Graphic Online in a bid to aid police investigations.

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According to her, she had been in the employment of the suspect from the month of November but was persistently harassed by him for sex anytime his wife was not at home.

She continued the suspect forcibly had sex with the victim around 5 pm on Saturday, December 5, in the absence of his wife and other occupants of his household after subjecting her to severe beatings for resisting his demands.

He had come for the second time but the victim refused him access, causing Rabih to beat her mercilessly and finally overpowering her and dragged her to his bedroom to rape her.

Lebanese Rapes 19-Year-Old – The Saturday Incident

The victim who can barely turn her neck said that last Saturday’s event was the fourth time the suspect had raped her in a total of two separate encounters.

She said the suspect directed her to have her bath after his wife, another house-help and his children had left home. The suspect subsequently directed her to his kitchen while she was still dressed improperly; to make him coffee.

On reaching the kitchen, he locked the door but her attempt to escape was not successful. Rabih reportedly threw the victim out of the room after raping her twice an act which caused her to bleed afterward.

She subsequently reported her ordeal to the police who assisted her. The police later apprehended the suspect and took him to the Airport Police Station.