Legalizing Homosexuality in Ghana: Gov’t Finally Clarifies Position

Legalizing homosexuality in Ghana – Finally, the government has put an end to the incessant criticisms, speculations, tongue-lashes and whatnots that followed President Nana Addo’s seemingly vague stands on homosexuality on Aljazeera a few days ago.

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Hours after the government came under pressure to make public its position on the matter, the Minister for Information Mustapha Hamid who spoke to Joy News on Monday, November 27, said that government has said it has no intentions to legalise same-sex relationship.

Mustapha Hamid

Speaking with Jane Dutton on ‘Talk to Aljazeera’ President Nana Addo had said that legalisation of homosexuality is not on his government’s agenda, but that the status of gays in the country could change if there is a strong pressure for that to be done.

This had led to an outrage in the country, as speculations of a possible legalization of homosexuality engulfed the Ghanaian media. Pressure groups, religious organizations and political opponents have taken issues with the president over his comments.

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But the Minister of Information has said that the government will not engage with any group on the issue of homosexuality, as it is unacceptable to all citizens.

According to him, homosexuality will continue to be unacceptable because there is no “cultural orientation” that supports it in Ghana. He continued that the government’s position on same-sex relationship is not different from that of the customs and traditions of Ghanaians.

Hamid did not disregard the fact that a society’s culture could change to reflect modern times. However, he stated that at the moment, same-sex relationship cannot be legalised in the country.

Clergy’s Reaction to Nana Addo’s Gay Statements

The clergy who championed the tons of negative comments has called for a reinforcement on the ban on homosexuality in Ghana.

The Christian Council of Ghana served a notice stating that it will oppose any attempt by the government to change the laws banning homosexuality.

International Evangelist and President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh also strongly opposed the idea of legalizing homosexuality in Ghana.

But as we have heard, the government has got no plans of embarking on a legalization process for homosexuality.