Counselor Lutterodt Reveals the Number of Women he Dated before Marriage

Controversial Counselor Lutterodt dated 32 ladies before he tied the knot with his wife 

On to the next topic on Lutterodt’s diaries. This time he let the public into his dating life before marriage to his wife. For those who have lost count of how many people they have dated, the articulate counselor has revealed his. The controversial counselor Lutterodt dated 32 ladies before getting married to his wife, according to him.

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He explained that he dated such large number of women to enable him make the right decision on whom to marry. According to the relationship counselor, one needs to date as many people as possible before finally choosing a life companion. Luttterodt implies that one should be fully aware of what he wants before settling down, to avoid situations of broken homes and the likes.

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Lutterodt talked about this and more during an interview on Happy FM. He also revealed that he started dating at the age of 27, and that he never had sexual intercourse with any of the 32 ladies he dated before he got married. It can be recalled that the controversial counselor made similar assertions on Hitz FM where he also said there’s nothing wrong in a lady dating more men at the same time because, it is a kind of ‘capacity building’.

Lutterodt on the show also talked about sex in relationships, stressing that it is not ideal for a couple to engage in sexual intercourse while still dating. He advised ladies to desist from having sex with guys while they are dating.

According to him, any man who has sex with a lady while they’re still dating has called her a prostitute, because it is a wrong practice.