It’s Shameful for ‘Born-one’ Celebs to Say “My Child Is My Happiness” -Lutterodt

In an interview with OKAY FM, Lutterodt shames born one celebs, saying they should not parade their children in confidence like it’s something to be proud of!

Controversial Counsellor George Lutterodt is at it again; and this time he has got some information for ‘born-ones’. Born-ones is a name used for women who have children out of wedlock. The outspoken counsellor has slammed celebrities who are single parents for priding themselves in having children without having a spouse.

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The fearless relationship counsellor indicated that one of his biggest worry now is the rate at which beautiful female celebrities are giving birth before marriage. According to him, many Ghanaian celebrities see nothing shameful in parading their children, though a lot of them are not united with their spouses. The counsellor fears such could influence the mindset of the younger generation into thinking there is nothing wrong with one becoming a born-one.

In an interview with Okay FM, Lutterodt shames born one celebs saying it is shameful for a woman in that category to say “my child is my happiness”. He explained that such women should bow down their heads in shame, and not parading the fatherless children with confidence. He added that any woman who gets pregnant before marriage is a disgrace to her family and society.

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Lutterodt said further that one of the major issues born ones face in Ghana is that, most men do not like to settle down with them; leaving most of them without husbands and claiming to find happiness in their babies. Though it takes a brave woman to accept the title ‘born one,’ Lutterodt believes it should not become something of pride for a woman of such status.

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Indeed, many celebs in Ghana have children out of wedlock. Like Lutterodt said, it is gradually becoming the in thing. But then, these so called born ones have got distinctions in taking good care of their children. This will surely not go down well with single mothers who strongly believe they should be accepted in the society for paying the huge price.