Amidu’s Suspicions Heighten; Says Mahama Is Scheming to Stop Woyome Examination

According to the former AG, Mahama has plans of stopping Woyome’s examination, as well as prevent the people from hearing the truth about the looting of the country’s funds

More allegations by former Attorney General Amidu, against the President and the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC); continue to roll in, on the controversial GHc 51m judgement debt saga. Martin Amidu, has alleged that President John Mahama is plotting to intimidate him from orally exmaining businessman, Alfred Woyome over the GHC 51m wrongfully paid to him by the state.

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According to the former AG, Mahama has plans of stopping Woyome’s examination, as well as prevent the people from hearing the truth about the looting of the country’s funds.

The Supreme Court on November 16, granted Amidu permission to orally examine Mr. Woyome on the case, after the former AG filed a request to do so. Though Amidu is scheduled to examine Woyome on November 24, the former AG has indicated a possible foul play at the presidency on Woyome’s examination.

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To buttress his claims, Amidu has released a statement titled President’s Conduct After Court Order Is More Reason Ghana Needs A New President on 7th December

In his statement, Amidu said that Mahama’s conduct even after the apex court ruling, shows that he would do everything in his power to ensure that the oral examination does not take place on 24th November 2016.

He explained that even after court’s ruling, 

the President is shown on television that night castigating the decision of the Supreme Court he has sworn to defend and uphold. At the same time and in his interview, the President takes an intimidating stand against the beneficiary of the decision and order of the Court by charging him with spreading falsehoods.

He pointed out that the President can further subvert the cause of justice so that the people of Ghana do not hear the truth about the loot of the public purse, until after the elections on December 7 2016. This he said was the more reason Ghanaians shuld vote President Mahama out come December 7.


Businessman and NDC financier Alfred Woyome GHc 51m after he claimed he helped Ghana to raise funds to construct stadia for the purposes of hosting the CAN 2008 Nations Cup.

But Woyome was indicted by an Auditor General’s report which siad the amount was paid illegally to him. Following the report, Supreme court ordered him o refund the money.

However, Woyome is yer to pay the money, after some efforts by the Attorney Genral to retrieve it proved futile.