I’ll Rather Lose Than Restore Trainee Allowances – Mahama Categorically States

Mahama won’t restore trainee allowances despite threats from teacher trainees to vote against him in the coming elections.

President Mahama has maintained his stand regarding teacher trainee allowances, saying he would rather lose the elections than restore the scrapped allowances. The President revealed this in a tweet on Thursday.

“On the matter of trainee teacher allowances, better to lose on principle than win using falsehood. We’ll not reverse the decision. #UCC Forum.”

He posted on Twitter.

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Government in 2014, scrapped teacher trainee allowances, but the move was met with massive protests by teacher trainees across the country, as they argued the decision leaves them worst off.

Government had explained that the allowances were not scrapped but rather swapped with the students loan scheme.

Mahama during one of his tours, had also pointed out that teacher trainees could access funds from the loan trust to finance their education.

Government has also explained that the teacher trainee allowances was removed to allow an increase in the number of trainees admitted into various training colleges in the country.

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To shed light on the issue: teacher trainee allowance compels government to scale down the number of students entering into colleges of education.

This is because all colleges are given a quota to which they could admit, as there is a stipulated allocation for the trainees’ allowances. This then leads to a limitation in admission, causing many who are eligible for enrollment to sit back at home.

Despite government’s efforts to pass its message across, teacher trainees have persisted with their protests. Most of them have vowed to vote against the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, if it fails to restore the payment of their allowances, before the 2016 general elections.

But President Mahama won’t restore trainee allowances despite the protests. The President who wishes to maintain the principles of his administration, has said he would rather lose the polls come December 7, than reverse his position on the cancelled teacher trainee allowance.