‘To My Loving, My Brave, My Beautiful and Proud People…’ You’ll Love Mahama’s Message to Ghanaians Last Night

Mahama’s message to Ghanaians is an acknowledgement of the challenges faced in the country under his administration, as well as the progress which has been made

In a passionate post, President Mahama has appealed to Ghanaians to be patient with him as he has better plans for the country in the next four years. Mahama’s message to Ghanaians before the elections which is in progress was that of appreciation and love. The President in his message thanked Ghanaians for their love and support over the years.

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Though he acknowledged the setbacks faced in his administration, Mahama didn’t hesitate to mention that much progress has been made. In the message posted yesterday, the President promised to put in place more polices that will push the country forward if given the nod today.

See Mahama’s message below:

When you granted me the humbling privilege to serve you as your President four years ago, I was overwhelmed by the urge we all felt to build Ghana anew, to lay a solid foundation for a country and a people that deserve like no other to belong to the group of developed nations.

So we all went on this journey. There were setbacks, no doubt, and unanticipated difficulties, for sure – but during these four years we made a lot of progress. I know that no leader can please everybody, and I know that in a strong democracy like ours diverging, critical voices are absolutely beneficial – but I also know that deep down your hearts you do understand and appreciate the progress we’ve made.

You do know, I am fully convinced, that, at the most fundamental level, we’re moving in the right direction: towards more progress, towards more access to important goods and services like water, education and healthcare, towards more unity and more care for one another.

We honoured our pledge to move forward, all of us, and for that I will forever be grateful to each and every one of you!

My loving, my brave, my beautiful and proud people, Ghana is rising! Ghana is rising day by day, effort by effort, hope by hope, removing obstacle after obstacle! Brick upon brick, sweat upon sweat, love upon love – Ghana is Rising!

So let our voices be heard, let our love prevail, and let all of us keep transforming our dear motherland!

I love you!

May God bless all of us forever!