“Winning an Election Only Makes You a Politician; Not a Leader” -Majid Michel

Majid talks leadership as he turns to preaching and evangelizing.. 

Ace actor Majid Michel who is also an evangelist, has continued with his inspirational talks on social media. Lately, the actor cum evangelist has been bombarding his social media followers with inspirational posts as well as insights into true Christianity.

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In a comprehensive post on social media, Majid talks leadership, explaining the qualities of a true leader. Majid in his post said that most leaders are “professional manipulators”. One might begin to wonder where the actor politically stands, considering the trending celebrity endorsements of political parties ahead of the 2016 election. But Majid instead of declaring support for a particular party, has taken time to remind Ghanaians what should be expected from a true leader.

Shedding more light on the issue, the talented actor said that it takes more than just winning an election to be a leader. According to him, true leaders are not so concerned abut their political ambition, but are rather keen on discovering a purpose to improve the life of humanity.

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The actor cum evangelist pointed out that most people we call leaders are usually more concerned about their own promotion than promoting the people. He emphasized that winning an election does not make a person a leader, but a politician. Part of his post reads:

Winning an election does not mean u are a Leader, it means you are a politician. if you are ordained as a pastor does not mean you can lead a church. LEADERSHiP is not a right, it’s a privilege. And it’s a privilege given to you by the followers. And if the followers don’t know how to identify with good and effective Leaders, then we will continue to have mediocrity in Leadership. #LEADERSHiP @enginuzun”

Majid Michel who was believed to be an atheist earlier this year, declared his new found faith in God. Following his declaration, the actor has bee seen and heard on different occasions including interviews; professing his faith and expressing his satisfaction with his decision. The ace actor was recently spotted at Zoe Sanctuary alongside some of his counterparts, laying hands on people as he prayed for them.