With This Newly Invented Bed, You Can Now Battle Dumsor With Energy Generated During Sex!

This latest way of charging phones will go a long way to tackle some of the challenges Dumsor has brought to our homes…

Well, since it is now obvious that the normal methods of generating electricity are no longer as effective as they used to be, people now want some new energy sources that do not cost too much to procure like petrol, gas and nuclear power.

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And as the traditional sources become increasingly unsustainable, plenty of alternative energy sources emerge and they are at our disposal to try out. From generating energy through human sweat and confiscated alcohol to even natural waste (yes, poo), and now a weirder, more creative, and hugely-promising ways to supply the power you need – generating electricity through love making.

Of course, we’re serious. So you don’t have to waste the sweat anymore!

The new technology says, sexual activity can create energy that can be harnessed into usable energy to cycle back into our buildings. The energy can be used in charging phones and possibly, other chargeable electronics such as fans, light bulbs, etc.

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Strange enough, the new invention was the idea of a young man named Samuel Karumbo in Eldoret, Kenya – of course, being an African neighbour; it’s not far from us. Kenyans were impressed and, rather  surprised with the video showing the young man from Eldoret who has invented a way of generating electricity with your bed when having sex.

The bed has been engineered to convert the energy produced during sex into usable electricity for charging phones. According to Samuel, the duration and energy production depends on how much sex one is having on the bed.

NTV’s Lolani Kalu in his feature Mwalimwengu, focused on Samuel Karumbo and how he came up with the invention. Watch video here.

You can also watch his other projects on this video below:

Karumbo also has more than 25 other projects whose innovations he says will transform the lives of the physically challenged once they are registered. He has been inventing things since 2009 but the ‘sex charging bed’ has been his most successful project. He says that the bed will cost Sh 2000, an equivalent of GHC 79.