Meet 33-Yr Old Who Left US Job To Grow Pineapples In Ghana 

Emmanuel Koranteng, 33, permanently left his accountant job in the United States of America and has returned to Ghana to join his father in growing pineapples.

In doing this, Emmanuel had helped turn the business which engages in pineapple exportation, into a tremendous successful and flourishing business.

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According to his story on BBC, Mr. Koranteng resigned from his job in the US six years ago to return home to Ghana and join his father in managing the pineapple farm located in eastern Ghana – in a village one-and-a-half hours away from the capital, Accra.

Meet 33-Yr Old Who Left US Job To Grow Pineapples In Ghana

He studied business administration and after a three month internship at the farm in Ghana, Koranteng could not give up the passion he felt working with nature.

“My father said to me, ‘come by the farm sometime. Come take a look and see what we can change here,'” he narrated.

“I wasn’t seen as someone who would ever work on the farm. I was a city guy.” But Emmanuel ended up becoming a full-time pineapple farmer. And now he has a successful business growing and exporting pineapples which has provided employment to local communities.

When asked if he misses the cooperate world, Emmanuel said he has no regrets taking up farming as an entrepreneurial venture. According to him, “even when I was far away from the farm, it was always in my thoughts.”.

Many young people are now engaging in agriculture; farming, fishery, poultry, animal husbandry and food productions ‘from farm to fork.’

But funding for modern equipment has become a major challenge for most young people who wish to venture into farming just like Emmanuel Koranteng.

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That is why Mr. Koranteng had decided to make it a small scale business.

“If you are small and you don’t have funding, don’t try to do anything big. It’s all about being able to manage and produce quality.  When you produce quality, there is a market for it. It sells itself,” he says.