Vote for Change Come December! -Martin Amidu

Former AG Amidu calls for change as he urges Ghanaians to vote against the present government in the coming elections 

There is really no stopping former Attorney General, Martin Amidu from speaking his mind on the dynamics of this year’s electioneering period. Amidu has intensified his attacks on the Mahama-led administration by calling on Ghanaians to massively vote for a change in the coming elections.

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Mr Martin Amidu made the call in a statement on the 2016 electoral process. In his statement, Amidu calls for change, bemoaning some of the actions of the EC which he believes are aimed at ensuring victory for the NDC in the upcoming elections. Amidu who believes that the EC has plans of rigging the elections, calls on Ghanaians to be vigilant to ensure that the Commission’s plans do not prevail.

The former AG in his statement reiterated calls of a possible foul play in the commission, calling for a legal process to impeach Charlotte Osei after the December polls. Part of the statement read;

It is too late in the month to advocate in defence of the Constitution for a reorganization of the Commission before the election, or for the impeachment of the Commissioner. This should be the task immediately after the 2016 elections.

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The former Attorney General has in recent times, released a couple of statements criticizing some of the EC’s practices. On November 3, Martin Amidu alleged that the commission’s disqualification of 13 presidential aspirants, showed it is planning to rig the elections in favour of the NDC.

Aside the EC, President Mahama’s administration has also gotten a fair share of allegations from the former AG. Last week, Amidu released a statement pointing accusing fingers at Mahama over the unexpected withdrawal of the current AG from the GHc 51m judgement debt case against businessman Alfred Woyome

He alleged that the current AG withdrew from the controversial case against Woyome, to protect some officials of the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC), who benefited from the whopping sum.

Amidu who has clearly had enough of the present government’s administration, has called on Ghanaians to vote massively for change come December.