This Is How Far Corruption Has Eaten Into Ghana’s Fabrics! Mawuli School Rents Out Students’ Mattresses

Reports has revealed that authorities of the Mawuli School rent out mattresses provided by the government for her boarding students.

Investigations carried out by Citi News reveal that the free mattresses provided by the government to the students of Mawuli school has been diverted by the school authority for purposes they were not meant for.

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The government in 2012 alleviated the burden of the parents by building a new girls’ dormitory in the school and also equipping it with metal bunk beds and mattresses.


However, it was discovered that the metal bunks were dumped in a shade to rust while the mattresses were stored in the old school library.


A teacher who lamented the ugly happenings in Mawuli school which needs the government’s intervention, anonymously disclosed that the Mawuli school rent out the mattresses for public functions such as funerals, church programmes and similar events.

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She disclosed that buses came into the school on a certain day to pack away the mattresses. The teacher noted specifically that the mattresses were rented out to the Global Church during the long vacation at the cost of GhC3000, with no one knowing exactly, into whose pocket the money enters.

It was also discovered that the school authority made the students to buy new mattresses with leather cover after the old ones they were using were infested by bed bugs. This was proven by the school prospectus in which mattress was included among the items to be bought by the students.


Students Reject Free Mattresses

Following the exposure of this corrupt practice on the media, the Headmaster of the school, Mr. K T Aggor on Wednesday instructed the students to file in and sign for the free mattresses. Perhaps, in a bid to hurriedly cover the crime.

However, the students have turned down the offer since they have already bought mattresses for themselves. According to some of the students, they were never aware that the stored mattresses were meant for them. They also argued that there was no need giving out the mattresses to them after they had spent Ghc160 to buy new ones for themselves which are of course now in better condition than the free but used ones.

So far, the school management has refused to make any comment on the ugly development.