This is Interesting and You’ll Love It – Meet Boxer Bukom Banku And His Five Wives!

Although we cannot tell the exact number of wives Boxer Bukom Banku has as of now, we have come across some of them whom he personally introduced as wives. We are looking at five women at the moment because Banku has got the potential of increasing his ‘wifely estate’. Now, off we go…!

Here’s the first one of them. According to NsromaMedia.Com, this particular wife of Banku is a fetish priest. Sometime in 2014, she spent about four months in traditional incarceration in the sacred forest at Bortianor, near Accra. She took tutorials and final initiation into the fetish priesthood and was out-doored and commissioned to begin full work as fetish priestess around same time.

 1. Here, meet the ‘Fetish Wife’ of Boxer Bukom Banku:


When she came back from the incarceration, this was what Banku said:

“I’m delighted because of all the problems I’ve gone through since she left, I’m delighted that finally my wife is coming and I know the powers will come plenty. From now on, any opponent that comes near me for a fight I will use my wife’s powers to kill him in the ring. I am, therefore, begging the promoter of my upcoming fight, McDon Atitsogbe to bring coffin and ambulance to ringside because what is going to happen to John Napari is untold. I will beat him.

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We would recall that Banku was under Police arrest recently for beating up one of his wives. It was this one, Stella. After beating her up, this was what he said on Asempa FM:

“I promise on my honour that I would never fight outside the ring or beat my wife again…let the police arrest me if I do that again…I have been advised on how to manage my anger now”

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This is the same wife he claimed advised him to use bleaching cream.

“My wife advised me. My Wife is Stella Dogbe. I took her advise because she is my wife. We are all bleaching our bodies”

2. Meet Boxer Bukom Banku’s ‘Punch Bag’ wife:


Finally, before the Ayittey Powers bout in Kumasi last year. Banku introduced the three women below who accompanied him as his wives, saying,  “This is our car, this is the car for me and my wives, yes these are my three wives.”

3,4, and 5 – Banku’s ‘Collective’ Wives:


Bukom Banku was once asked during an interview on Delay Show, how he manages to satisfy all his wives sexually, he said that he is very strong has the ability to ‘hop’ from one to another. “I’m very strong. Delay, when I catch you, you’ll run. You’re small, Delay…you’ll run,” he retorted.