Incredible! Strange Spirit Forced Montie FM Panelist to Threaten Judges!!

The Montie FM suit which is still ongoing saw court play the audio of the contemptuous comments made by the panelists…

One of the Montie Fm panelists, accused of threatening judges of the Supreme Court, Alistair Nelson has blamed his comments on a mysterious disease. Nelson who is praying for leniency from court, said he suffered from kpo kpo gbli gbli’ which forced him to make the contemptuous comments.

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He explained kpokpogbligbli’ to be an unknown disease that takes over a person’s body and controls what he says and does.

Alistair and two others, Godwin Ako Gunn and host of the Pampaso political program on Montie FM, Salifu Maase, have been cited for contempt over threatening comments they made against Supreme Court judges. The Panelists during a current affairs programme “Pampaso” threatened to deal with Supreme Court and High court Judges.

They threatened to kill the Judges if they ruled against the Electoral Commission, in a voter’s register case brought before the Supreme Court, by a member of the PNC Abu Ramadan. Following their comments, the owners of the Accra based radio station alongside the two panelists were held in contempt to show why they shouldn’t be found guilty.

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The Montie FM suit which is still ongoing, saw court play the audio of the contemptuous comments made by the contemnors, after which the defendants apologized for the outburst. It was during the apology galore that Montie Fm’s Alistair blamed a strange spirit for his comments.

He said that the disease, ‘Kpokpogbligbli’ forced him to say things he never meant. The name of the disease is in Ghanaian Ga dialect, and is not known to many. Nelson was also reported to say that the producers failed to give him the topics for discussion for the day hence his comments.

The host of the programme Maase ‘Mugabe’ Salifu has also apologized for his comments, pleading with the judges to forgive him, as he has been a journalist of good repute for 15 years. Court has not concluded on the case at the moment, but be sure to get more update as the case progresses.