More Oscars Drama: Will Smith Confirms Oscars ‘No Show’

It’s more OscarsSoWhite drama as Hollywood actor Will Smith reveals his take on the matter. As it seems, Jada Pinkett Smith is not alone in the protest against the all whites nominations in this year’s Oscars.

A-list actor Will Smith has recently declared his withdrawal from the Oscars scheduled to hold on February 28. Will Smith said that attending the Oscars in spite of the  absence of minorities among the acting nominees, would be awkward. This he said in a statement on Thursday. The Independence Day Actor said he was actually out of the country when his wife announced on social media that she would not be attending. He added that he was very much happy to hear what she had said.

“I heard her words and I was knocked over. I was happy to be married to that woman”, he said.

Pledging his full support to his wife, the renowned actor whose role in NFL drama “Concussion” was neglected, said that this year’s nominations suggested that Hollywood was going the wrong direction. He said that one of the strengths of Hollywood was diversity, and that it should be reflected in film.

“There’s a regressive slide towards separatism, towards racial and religious disharmony and that’s not the Hollywood I want to leave behind”, he added.

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The OscarsSoWhite hash tag has attracted so many views both positive and negative among various people in America and beyond. Oscar-winning actor George Clooney said the problem was the lack of options available to people of colour in quality films. Also Spike Lee who announced his absence at the awards said in his open latter of criticism of the nominations, that the problem emanates from the studio executives who decide which movies get made.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has up to 6,000 members who work in the film industry. According to a 2012 study by the Los Angeles Times, 94% are whites with 77% of them as male. This can be said to be the root cause of the re-occurring all whites nominations that has now become an unmasked issue in the film industry.

Comedian Chris Rock has also gotten a lot of pokes regarding his schedule to host the award. Some entertainers of colour in the likes of 50Cent, Fast and Furious star Tyrese Gibson, have reportedly asked him to opt out of hosting the Oscars. Spike Lee on the other hand says he has not asked anyone to boycott the Oscars but Chris Rock can do whatever he wished and he supports him either way.

Comedian and talk show host Arsenio Hall is among those calling on Chris Rock not to step down:

”Here’s my 1 cents. I REALLY hope Chris Rock does NOT pull out of the Oscar hosting gig. It’s so important that he’s on the mic that nite”, he posted on twitter.

Comedian Kevin Hart recently asked that the OscarsSoWhite pressure should not be thrown on Chris Rock’s shoulders. This year’s Oscars can be said to be one with remarkable dynamism, and all ears are itching to hear how it finally goes.

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