Threaten as much as You Want; I’II Not Stop Supporting Mahama –Mr Beautiful

Amid all the supposed attacks, Mr Beautiful supports Mahama, stressing that he would continue to campaign for him, come what may!

Ghana’s A-list actor and comedian Mr. Beautiful, has stated that he will not stop support supporting President Mahama despite the threats on his life. Also known as Clement Booney, the actor has revealed that his life had come under serious threats due to his support for President John Mahama.

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Mr Beautiful as we know, declared support for the President and his party in 2012. Since then he has been known for working closely with the incumbent National Democratic Party (NDC), and the President. Mr Beautiful is known as a key member in the ‘Celebrities for Mahama’ movement, aimed at projecting the works of the President, ahead of this year’s elections.

Talking about life since his endorsement of Mahama, the renowned comedian said that he has come under severe attacks from unknown persons since then. According to him, he had to vacate his former residence at Mallam to save himself from unknown attackers.

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Counting various ways he has been persecuted for his support for Mahama, Beautiful said that since he declared his support for Mahama in 2012, he has not shot a single movie. He explained that most movie producers no longer want him to feature in their movies.

Amid all the supposed attacks, Mr Beautiful supports Mahama, saying he is proud to support the President, and that he would continue to campaign for him. He has also said that other actors and actresses; who now appreciate what he has been doing, have joined the Mahama team, as can be seen in the likes of John Dumelo, some other actors.

The comedian and actor said those who attack him for supporting Mahama are ignorant, and lack understanding of what democracy is.