Muntari Slaps Referee: Everything About Assault Allegation Against Controversial Midfielder

Sulley Muntari Slaps Referee -News making rounds in the media have been that Controversial Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari physically attacked an unsuspecting referee with a slap during a local friendly at the Kotobabi Wembley in Accra.

According to a report by ‘Peace Power Sports’, a sports show on Peace FM, Sulley Muntari slapped referee John Terry and ended the friendly game abruptly. Two of Ghana’s respected footballers Muntari and Laryea Kingston was present during the match where the former reportedly assaulted a referee.

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The report went further to reveal the referee’s side of the story. In a said interview with Peace FM, John Terry explained that he was moved to halt the match after he noticed an infringement against Sulley’s side. Muntari, however, grabbed the ball with his two hands and he (the referee) had to give him a yellow card for that on the field of play. This didn’t go down well with Muntari who went straight to his face and gave him a resounding slap.

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Massive criticisms have been hurled at the midfielder for meting out such violence on the referee. It was reported that following the assault, players who were shocked over Muntari’s conduct had to calm the referee down while the unhappy crowd who were watching the game chanted chorus of disapproval at Muntari.

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The players begged the referee not to retaliate or escalate the matter to authorities. Locals, however, encouraged the official to make a move against Muntari who is already in the Ghana Football Association’s (GFA) ‘black book’

Muntari was dismissed by the GFA in 2014 for his physical attack on a management member of the Ghana national team at the 2014 World Cup tournament in Brazil. The estranged player has still not been called back by the GFA after his indefinite suspension from the team.

Muntari Slaps Referee: Sulley Denies Assault Allegations

Meanwhile, Muntari has denied reports he slapped the Ghanaian referee at the local friendly. Following the massive tongue-lashes directed at him for the said act, the 32-year-old took to his Twitter handle to debunk the claims. According to him, the false reports are only mere attempts to drag his name through the mud.