NDC Loses Over 800 Supporters In Kumbungu To NPP!

Close to one thousand NDC members join NPP ahead of the elections. The defectors who are residents of Kumbungu Constituency have asserted that they have been neglected by the incumbent government in a number of ways, hence their decision.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has lost tons of supporters in Kumbungu Constituency of the Northern Region, to the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). The defectors numbering over 800, are from three communities comprising Kumbung-Kukuo Yipeli-Naayili and Duli Zugu.

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Now NPP supporters, the defectors announced their defection to the opposition NPP, due to the neglect of the government towards them despite consistently voting for the NDC. The NDC members join NPP because according to them, they are tired of the incumbent government, and desire to experience a change.

The new NPP supporters organized a rally at Duli Zugu; where the NPP’s Parliamentary Candidate for the Kumbungu Constituency, Iddrisu Muqtar Dems, and other party bigwigs from the Northern Region, officially welcomed them into the opposition party.

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Speaking to the media at the rally, spokesperson of the new NPP supporters Mahama Seidu, mentioned many factors, including unemployment and lack of electricity, as the reasons behind their defection from the ruling party.

He complained about their women sleeping in other communities to grind their cereals and sheanuts. Mahama Seidu also hailed former President Kufour’s administration, for providing them with some social amenities, including connecting their communities to pipe borne water.

The pre-election drama continues to intensify, as all contenders work tirelessly to gain majority of Ghanaian supporters ahead of the D’ day. Defections to opposition parties as a matter of fact, is not something unusual, but a mass defection of this scale, can be said to be a huge shocker for the ruling party.