Nduom Meets Up With Deadline; Submits Corrected Nomination Form To EC

Nduom finally succeeded in submitting a clean nomination form to the EC before the close of Tuesday deadline!

Reports have revealed that, lawyers for the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) have submitted a corrected version of Dr Kwesi Nduom’s nomination form to the Electoral Commission.

According to Starr News’ Wilberforce Asare who is based at the EC headquarters, the clean nomination form was submitted to the EC officials on Tuesday afternoon, by the PPP’s lead lawyer, Nii Ayikoi Otoo.

The party was able to replace Richard Aseda’s endorsement with two new subscribers for the two districts, which is the issue that brought about the party’s disqualification.

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The Electoral Commission on October 10, disqualified 13 presidential aspirants including Papa Nduom, for some errors made in their nomination forms. However, the PPP as well as other affected parties, filed suits against the Commission for taking such drastic actions against them.

Of all the suits, PPP’s Nduom is one of those who have received significant consideration from court. An Accra High Court on October 28, ruled that the EC allows Nduom to correct the errors cited on his nomination form, after which they should reconsider his candidacy.

The EC who resisted the ruling, subsequently headed to the Supreme Court, praying for a review of the High Court’s decision which favoured Dr. Nduom. But the apex court on Monday November 7, quashed the EC’s suit challenging the High Court ruling.

The Supreme Court in its ruling ordered the EC to extend the nomination period to Tuesday, November 8. This is to grant the affected candidates more opportunity to correct their mistakes. Court also ordered the discontinuation of the various court cases regarding the disqualification of presidential aspirants.

However, the EC has made things very difficult for the disqualified aspirants in spite of the court directive. The commission has, in almost all the cases, indicated that they have found more errors on the various nomination forms of candidates, different from the initial ones that brought about their disqualification.

In the case of the PPP, the commission says it has detected 105 news mistakes instead of just one that was earlier reported. The PNC’s mistakes skyrocketed from 4 to 303, while that of APC blew up from 2 to 93!

Ghanaians can only wait, to see the end of this unprecedented electoral chaos.