New Nokia 3310: Quick Review of the Resurrected Most Durable Mobile Phone

HMD Gobal seems to have succeeded in pulling off the coolest conservative approach ever, as the new Nokia 3310 has lost none of the charm and identity of the old model

World’s most reliable phone ever; Nokia 3310 has finally been launched. The long anticipated grand phone of all phones was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday. Were there surprises? you’re about to find out. The launch of the new Nokia 3310 has been widely anticipated across the globe, following the announcement by HMD Global to unveil it at the MWC.

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It’s been almost 17 years since the 3310 first came out. After its launch in 2000, millions (roughly 126 million) of the rigorous piece were sold across the globe, creating a Nokia 3310 trend for tech lovers. Nokia 3310 had become so popular that the in thing in the tech world was all about games like Snake and Bantumi, the tingly ring tones, and for ever lasting batteries.

This gave rise to a great feeling of excitement as phone lovers looked forward to the relaunch of the rugged phone.

New Nokia 3310 Relaunched 

…And yes Nokia as a matter of fact succeeded in keeping the nostalgia alive, as HMD Global loaded the resurrected brand with a bundle of features which bring back the old feeling. HMD Global is a Finnish company behind Nokia-branded devices. Nokia itself no longer makes phones. Instead, it licensed the brand to HMD Global, last year.

HMD Global and Nokia announced four new phones; Nokia Nokia 6, 5, 3 and 3310 at the MWC held in Barcelona. The major highlight of the event however was the Nokia 3310, which is back in a modern form. Nokia 3310 unlike Androind Nokia 6, 3, and 3, is a feature phone.

Having said that, let’s take a look at why the world is excited about the resurrection of this global dumbphone.

  • Camera

This has become a major focus whenever there is a launch of a new phone in recent times. The New Nokia 3310 as a matter of fact, did not follow the trend of flashy camera features. While HMD Global tried to be conservative enough on the features of the new phone, the company also tried to add a little excitement by including a 2 Mega Pixel camera and a LED flash, on the rear.

To state the obvious, this is truly less than what is obtainable at the moment- as Android, IOS and Windows have flooded the market with 6, 7, 8 and even 12MPs as rear cameras -not to talk of the trending front camera for selfies. But let’s not forget the aim of the company; which is to resurrect the old roger. More so, there is no front camera for selfies.

  • Video Recorder

Did we mention it has a video recorder? well yes it does and as mentioned earlier; the phone still sticks to the basics. The new Nokia 3310 has a 2MP recorder which the original did not.

new nokia 3310-

  • Storage

The unveiled Nokia 3310 has a 16MB internal storage expandable up to 32GB using a microSD card slot. The phone would also be available in both single and dual-SIM variants.

  • Battery Capacity

-Removable Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery
-Stand-by Up to 744 h
-Talk time Up to 22 h
-Music play Up to 51 h

It would interest you to know that the new Nokia 3310 has more than 2 days duration for music play, 22 hours duration for talk time, and up to 1 month stand-by duration -that which is almost unheard of in the history of phone tech. The phone’s long battery life could help position it as a backup for smartphone users, as most smartphones run out of battery in less than a day.

  • Design

The new Nokia 3310 is a lot more colourful now. It comes in red and yellow options, which have a glossy finish. There is also the blue and grey, both of which sport a matte finish. Talking about the shape, the phone maintains its candy-bar design which ushers the nostalgic feelings of the old Nokia features.

  • Games

Snake Impact is back! Talk about keeping the nostalgia alive; HMD Global has reintroduced Snake in a multicolored design. Snake which used to be an all time favorite game is back again and this time, in a 2D format.

  • Apps

It has an Opera browser -a dumbed-down version which is basically there for emergency tweeting. It has FM radio and an MP3 player.

  • Durablity

Down to the most important part; there is nothing new when it comes to the strength and resilience of the new Nokia 3310. Be sure you’ll still have a strong phone even when it falls on a brick.

  • Price

The 17-year-old rugged will retail for the 3310 will cost 49 Euros, which is about $51. However, the official price will be known when the feature phone is actually launched in the Indian market.

HMD Gobal seems to have succeeded in pulling off the coolest conservative approach ever, as the phone has lost none of the charm and identity of the 17-year-old original. While the Nokia 3310 is a feature and not a smartphone, it is sure to hit the market with high purchase rates, as phone users are already aching for its availability.

It is baffling that such feature phones or rather dumbphones (low-end mobile phones which are limited in capabilities) are surviving in emerging markets in the West. To try relating with how things work in the world of today, such feature devices were set to disappear as technology moved on, but as we can see, they have broken boundaries.