Nigeria Puts Up Two Presidential Jets for Sale to Cut Waste

Nigeria Sells 2 Presidential Jets to cut down waste in the battle to lift the country’s economy from recession which has overtaken it since August, 2016

Reports from BBC news reveals that President Muhammadu Buhari’s spokesman, Mr Garba Shehu has said Nigeria has put up two of its 10 presidential jets for sale in a bid to “cut down on waste”.

Adverts for the Falcon 7X executive jet and Hawker 4000 are to appear in newspapers. Some of the other presidential aircraft are to be handed to the Nigerian air force to boost its operations, he said.

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In a Facebook post, Mr Shehu said the downsizing of the president fleet had been a campaign promise made by Mr Buhari before his election last year.

The president had requested a compact and reliable aircraft for transporting government officials on special missions. This exercise is by no means complete,” the spokesman added.

BBC Abuja bureau editor Naziru Mikailu says the advert for the jets will ask potential buyers to bid in US dollars, not the local naira currency.

It will be in the interest of Ghana to learn from the current economic fate of other countries, Nigeria being one of them. This advice is very important as the International Monetary Fund has been sounding alarms of untold economic crises which will soon besiege the country if care is not taken.

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Nigeria’s economy slipped into recession in August. It is in the bid to manage the economic recession that Nigeria sells 2 presidential jets. The country is one of Africa’s leading economies but it is now suffering from its worst economic crisis in years. The government depends on oil sales for about 70% of its revenues – and the slump in global oil prices has grossly affected the West African nation.