Mahama Endorsed By a Nigerian Politician! You’ve Got To See Who…

The Nigerian politician praises Mahama for his fantastic achievement regarding the fight against corruption.

Nigerian politician and CEO of Ovation Magazine has praised President John Mahama’s fight against corruption as an enviable pattern of good governance. According to the business mogul, Mahama has done an outstanding job in his fight against corruption in Ghana.

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Speaking on Joy FM Morning show the one time Presidential aspirant expressed some unimaginable love for Ghana. He revealed that his love for the country started more than 20 years ago when he first came to Ghana in 1995. The Nigerian politician praises Mahama for his fantastic achievement regarding the fight against corruption. Dele Momodu talked about corruption which has engulfed most countries in Africa including Nigeria. He hailed Nigeria’s President Buhari  who has won continental acclaim for his intolerance for corruption.

Explaining the context of corruption in Africa, he explained that “corruption is not just about being greedy. It comes from need and then graduates to greed”. He further explained the underlying factor of corruption in Africa to be the incredibly harsh conditions of living in most of the countries across the continent.

“I have to buy a house, cash down. I have to buy a car, cash down, pay my children’s school fees, cash down, pay hospital bills, water rent, electricity bills, cash down; there is no way it will not put pressure on you,” he explained.

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He explained the issue of high dependence from one’s extended family to be one of the reasons why people seek to get more in any circumstance they find themselves. He indicated that there is no financial system in most African countries which creates more room for corruption. Shedding light on his point, he made reference to England. The Nigerian politician said that such a country has a credit system that allows a person to finance his aspirations and responsibilities without having to make full payment at once, hence calming the urge to have more.

Dele Momodu recommended such solutions to African countries who wish to get rid of corruption. Referring to Nigeria, he said that President Buhari needs to “go beyond arresting, prosecuting and jailing and recovering funds”; and  install a superstructure that will enable the country to cushion the effect of blocking corruption.

The Nigerian politician praises Mahama for his quiet but systematic approach in his fight against corruption. Making reference to deputy minister, Victoria Hammah who was sacked for stating her desire to make money in politics, he implied that Ghana deserves to be hailed in the aspect of corruption.

Chief Momodu also recommended President Mahama’s fight against corruption to Nigerian authorities.