Digital Addressing System: Attacks and Counter Attacks Greet NPP Policy

NPP digital addressing system -The New Patriotic Party (NPP) government’s newly launched Digital Addressing System is not what it seems according to former President Mahama.

Mahama has said that the addressing system undertaken by Vokakom at a cost of $2.5million is fraudulent and that someone must be punished for misusing state funds to procure the system.

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The Digital Addressing System, christened, Ghana Post GPS, which was launched on October 18, 2017. It was part of the NPP’s ideas to formalizing the country’s economy by digitally mapping and proving a digital address to all locations and properties in the country.

But ex-president Mahama has accused the Vice President of embarrassing the government with the digital addressing system which in his view attracted a huge cost when same could be accessed on Google Maps for free.

Mahama made this statement while he addressed thousands of party supporters in the Central Regional capital, Cape Coast after the National Democratic Congress (NDC) held its third Unity Walk after the December polls.

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Mahama described the address system as a scam asking President Akufo-Addo to hold someone accountable for the launch of the $2.5 million digital addressing system which he [Mahama] believes is fraudulent.

He continued that Akufo-Addo’s so-called mission to fight corruption should be seen in his accountability.

VP Bawumia Replies Mahama

Vice President Mahammudu Bawumia has clapped back at former president following his claims that the National Digital Property Addressing Systems is fraudulent.

Speaking on the importance of the digital property addressing system for farmers at the plush Peduase Lodge, Bawumai described Mahama as clueless and accused him of engaging in cheap propaganda.

He didn’t stop there, Bawumia went ahead to list, the Smarttys Bus Branding controversy, the Woyome judgement debt deal, 952 million GYEEDA case and other shady dealings that went unnoticed during the NDC administration.

He said that the 2.5 million dollar system will be beneficial to Ghanaians and cannot be compared to the millions blown by the Mahama government in the bus branding, SADA scandals and others that rocked his government.

Bawumia advised that instead of engaging in “parroting propaganda” the former president should rather give constructive criticisms as that would be welcomed by the opposition party.

Following the launch, many IT experts have cast doubt over the system, spelling out various flaws that make it a faulty tool to undertake the purpose for which it was built. He also added that such criticisms will not help him in opposition.

The project was undertaken by Vokakom at a cost of $2.5million. Following its launch, many IT experts have exp[ressed doubt over the system, spelling out various flaws that make it a faulty tool to undertake the purpose for which it was built.