BOMBSHELL! NPP May Lose December Polls -Lydia Forson

Stunning Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson, is out with some political analysis aimed at enlightening the electorate as well as respective contenders ahead of the 2016 election. The talented actress has suggested that the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), is likely to lose the December 7 polls.

Ms Forson in a well detailed comprehensive post, shed light on pertinent issues that could hinder the NPP’s already anticipated win in the coming elections.

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According to Lydia Forson, the NPP is banking on the general perception that people are frustrated with the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) and are craving for change. She explained that the NPP’s aggressive campaign revolving around the so called craved change might be the same reason they may probably not win the elections.

To Lydia, one thing remains unpredictable in every election; the electorate. The actress gave an instance with the just concluded US election which saw billionaire Donald Trump, win the polls. According to her, Donald Trump defied all pollsters, opinions polls and predictions to win the election; shocking Americans and the world at large.

She implied that if America’s Trump could win amid all the negative reports and criticisms; it should not come as a surprise if President Mahama wins a second tenure, amid the negative reports and attacks led by the NPP.

Lydia Forson pointed out the possible mistake of the NPP to be – campaigning only based on the assumption that every Ghanaian is frustrated with the so called hardship which has engulfed the country, forgetting that their message of change, might as well not appeal to a large section of Ghanaians. Part of her post read:

They’re looking at the country through the eyes of the opposition, and this is one of the points I spoke against in my piece on understanding the Ghanaian electorate Your Ghana isn’t everyone else’s Ghana, meaning how you see the country isn’t the way everyone else does.

But because of this perception, they’re mistakenly campaigning AGAINST members of the ruling party and anyone else who doesn’t support this claim, instead of campaigning TO them.

This single mindset is why many of their following are quick to fight and attempt to silence anyone who doesn’t share in this feeling of frustration.

Lydia Forson feels that the NPP has pretty much deviated from the supposed objective of campaigning to Ghanaians, to campaigning against NDC members and loyalists. She buttressed her point by giving many instances where NPP supporters, motivated by the party’s hate message, hurl insults at NDC supporters, simply because they share different opinions about the country.

She explained that the whole purpose of a campaign is to appeal to voters and not bully them into voting for a party; which is how the NPP has been running its campaign.

By alienating a section of the people because their views don’t align with yours, will only make it that much easier for them to vote against your party, she said.

This according to her, was seen when Donald trump’s major rival Hilary Clinton, called his supporters ‘deplorable’, among other things. According to Ms Forson, most of Trump’s supporters, voted for the billonaire to prove that being on the media’s side does not guarantee one’s victory in an election.

The silent majority does exists, she said. When a group of people feel silenced because of their position, they will band together to prove a point, she added.

This is sure to raise eyebrows among key party members of the NPP as well as their supporters. But the actress has said she is not at ll bothered. She said that as a Ghanaian citizen and a registered voter, she has the right to speak her mind on issues pertaining the country’s politics.