‘We Say No to EC’s e-Transmission of Election Results’ – NPP

The NPP opposes e-transmission, demanding a justifiable reason from the EC on why it intends to transmit the upcoming election results via the electronic media…

The Electoral Commission’s move to electronically transmit election results this year has been met with agitations by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). The EC’s main reason for opting for an e-transmission of results is to control the abuse of the electoral process during the elections.

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The commission is said to be close to the final stage of awarding the contract for e-transmission to a company. But the NPP opposes e-transmission, demanding a justifiable reason from the EC on why it intends to electronically transmit results of the 2016 elections.

The NPP through its campaign manager, Peter Mac Manu; has raised some questions pertaining the EC’s move to employ the use of e-transmission for declaration of election results. Speaking to the media, Mr. Manu said there is no constitutional provision for the commission to electronically transmit results.

He explained that the law rather talks about the EC receiving all the collated results from the Statement of Poll, as well as the Declaration of Results (pink sheets), signed by party agents at the constituency level. He continued that the commission is then expected to bring them to the National Collation Centre, before the winner of the presidential race can be declared.

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Mr. Peter further said that the focus of the EC, should rather be on ensuring that a certified copy of the pink sheet from each of the 29,000 polling stations, is brought to the National Collation Centre. This he explained, is only when the Chairperson of the EC can finally declare the winner.

Also, recalling that electronic mode of transmission failed in other countries including Kenya, Ecuador and Mexico, Mr Peter Manu said that such should not be adopted in Ghana.

Though the move seems to be in progress, it is important to note that the EC has not said it intends to declare a winner based on the results transmitted electronically. Having said that, the NPP now calls for more scrutiny on the EC, as to why it should spend huge sums of money investing in e-transmission.