Dedicated Traffic Cameras: NRSC Unveils Plans To Curb Road Accidents in Ghana

These dedicated traffic cameras when introduced, will facilitate better observation of those offences that result to every day road accidents…

Owing to the increasing rate of road accidents, the Ghana National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), has decided to install dedicated traffic cameras in the country. The project set to take off by June 2017, is to help curb the recent high-incidence of road accidents.

According to the Deputy Executive Director-in-Charge of Planning, Mr David Adonteng who spoke to 3FM on the issue, the new traffic arrangements is aimed at arresting reckless driving across the country and curb unwarranted deaths on the roads.

There have been series of tragic road accidents on Ghana roads in recent times; many which have left tons of casualties. Two days ago, a vehicle carrying four final year trainee nurses of the Sunyani -Tanoso training college, crashed into a tree, killing all four students. Another one that occurred the same day at Gomoa Mpromem left 15 persons dead and 11 others seriously injured.

Statistics from the NRSC revealed that 1,990 deaths were recorded from a total of 11,378 road accidents at the end of November last year, involving 17,746 vehicles. Casualties stood at 12,154 and injuries at 10,154.

The recent accidents have been linked to the high rate of human interference in traffic management systems. Motorists both commercial and private usually disobey traffic orders in in their haste. The purpose of the traffic cameras is to help in the regulation of traffic orders, which is greatly violated in the society.

The gross violation of traffic laws as has been revealed, is as a result of low surveillance on the part of the NRSC and other safety authorities on traffic related offences.

These dedicated traffic cameras when introduced, will help make for better observation and alertness on their part; on those offences that result to road accidents, which has become more or less a daily occurrence. Defaulters of traffic orders when caught will be greatly penalized; as this will also serve as a deterrent to potential defaulters.

It will bring on board a completely new way of reducing speeding and recklessness on our roads; a system by which we will arrest people who jump red lights, drive recklessly and pose serious danger to themselves and other road users, Mr David Adonteng said.

According to reports, Ghana ranks 38th worst country, in world traffic accidents ratings per 100,000 at 24.60. For some other countries; Cote d’Ivoire ranks (24), Egypt ranks (15.34), while Norway (2.86), Sweden (2.36 and Maldives (1.05) top the list with the lowest figures per 100,000.

Traffic cameras can be described as the best innovative use of video surveillance technology. Such cameras which are used to enforce motorist laws like speed and red light laws, are very effective in catching moving violations and issuing tickets.

With the introduction of traffic cameras, motorists will begin to see the need to drive the speed limit, stop at red light, and many other rules that help to safeguard road users. Traffic cameras can be found at the top of traffic signals and placed along roads to make for better surveillance on the part of authorities.