Occupy Ghana Demands Answers From Govt On Error-ridden Brochure Saga

Like the ISD department and other prominent people, pressure group Occupy Ghana is also demanding answers from the government concerning the error ridden brochure saga. They have in this view given a three-day ultimatum to the government, to detail down the circumstances surrounding the issue.

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They have also threatened to head to court if government fails to reveal the printing firm which printed the error-ridden Independence Day brochure. The pressure group feels there is something fishy about the brochure saga which is yet to be disclosed. Apart from the identity of the firm which printed the brochures, they are also demanding answers for other questions.

In their statement, they also inquired about answers concerning the public procurement procedure which was employed for the purpose of the publications

The group is demanding detailed answers from government as they and the public are practically clueless towards such a sensitive situation. Referring to Article 21(1)(f) of the country’s Constitution, they implied that all citizens of the country who of course uphold democracy, possess the right to such information.

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Furthermore in their statement, the group detailed out about nine pressing questions which needed urgent answers within 3 days. The group also stressed that they would not be held responsible for the measures they decide to take should government fail to comply.

Occupy Ghana Requested Answers from Govt To The Following Questions

1. Which company or companies was/were invited to submit bids for the publishing, production and/or printing of    the Brochures? May we have copies of any relevant letters or other communication?

2. Were any quotations received from the company or companies, and if so, may we have copies of such    quotations and     their covering letters, if any? Which public procurement procedure was adopted in selecting the winning bid?

3. If it was single-source procurement was the approval of the Public Procurement Authority (“PPA”) sought?

4. May we have a copy of any letter requesting approval and all attachments to it? Was the PPA’s approval                 obtained, and if so, may we have a copy of any letter to that effect?

5. Was a contract entered into with the company with the winning bid, and if so, may we have a copy of the                 signed contract?

6. Has the Ministry of Finance been requested to release funds for payment to the company with the winning bid,     and if so, may we have a copy of any such letter?

7. Did the Ministry of Finance approve of any payment in writing, and if so, may we have a copy of that written           approval?

8. Have any payments been were made to the company that undertook the transaction, and when? May we have copies of all the usual, relevant documents, including, but not limited to: (i) request for payment by the Ministry, (ii) release letter from the Ministry of Finance, (iii) Controller and Accountant-General’s letter to the Bank of Ghana for payment, (iv) payment advice from Bank of Ghana, and (v) any payment vouchers issued?

9. Were any taxes paid or withheld, as the case may be, particularly with respect to withholding tax, value                    added tax and the national health insurance levy, and if so, may we have copies of any relevant invoices?

Apart from Occupy Ghana, Other prominent people in government have demanded of the sanctioning of the acting director of the Information Service Department (ISD). Nii Asama Asamaole, who is an NDC Member of Parliament for La Dade Kotopon, had demanded that he be removed from office for lacking professionalism. Also, the staff of ISD have petitioned President Mahama to relieve him of his duties.