Travel Packing Tips and Tricks: Here Are 10 Perfect Solutions To All Your Baggage Troubles!

Getting bags or luggage ready for a travel could be a complete nightmare for a lot of people. Forgetting to take essential things along in a journey is even a more unpleasant experience. On the other hand, it gives joy and a great sense of satisfaction when you want to embark on a journey and all you need were comfortably accommodated in the bag or box you designated for the trip. You’ll find this article most useful as it is going to provide you with excellent, workable packing tips and tricks that will help you get your travel luggage exactly the way you want it, and in the most easy way too. Here we go!

#1. Make a List

This is the every first step you need take towards an easy, hitch-free packing. Write down all you think you may be needing throughout your trip. Bring them all out, spread out on your bed, sofa, or any other convenient space available in your room or apartment where you intend staying to do the packing. To ensure you take along all essentials, tick the items on your list as you put them in the box. It will also help you when you’re about to return so that you don’t leave anything behind.

#2. Calm Down – Take it Easy

Stop being the haphazard type while packing. As you’re done making a list, then calm down and take it easy. It is true that some travel intentions may come up within a short notice, you still have to try and take it easy and not be in an unreasonable haste, as this will only make things difficult for you; you’ll end up quarreling and fighting with inanimate objects – your own belongings! The truth is that one can still be relaxed even when in a hurry because haste doesn’t equal disorderliness. You need to be articulate, calm and calculated for you to do an excellent packing.

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#3. Rolling

Of all the packing tips on this list, this may be the most essential. In order to preserve as much space in your bag as possible, you should roll your clothes up into tight tubes rather than folding them flat. It’s an amazing trick, and once you try it for the first time, you’ll be amazed at just how much more stuff you can fit into even the smallest of bags. Not only that, it also saves your clothes from creases compared to when you fold or just squeeze them in, thereby saving you the stress of ironing.

#4. Fold Clothes Together

This, just like the former saves plenty of space. You could do this with trousers – keep two pairs of trousers in opposite directions, one on top of the other. Then fold them up into a small piece. Just like rolling, folding clothes together also minimizes creases. You’ll be amazed to see how much space left for yo to put other incompressible items. Both of them also help you to pack all items neatly and organised in layers.

#5. Portable Ziplock Bags for Random Items

Save space by choosing a good-looking jewelry and make-up pouch that can pass for a purse to put a whole lot of random iems that may amage other contents of your bag. We all have so many gadgets that are easily lost in a suitcase. To prevent this problem, ziplock bags are the answer. Take some extras as well as the ones for your on-flight liquids and use them to store electrical items, things for the journey home (house keys, parking ticket and car keys), sticky tape, string, sewing kit, cable ties, spare luggage tags, padlocks, safety pins, pens, tissues, small sheet of bubble wrap (in case you buy any delicates), ear plugs, universal bath plug, pencil sharpener, mini LED torch, tweezers, mini scissors, medication and other loose accessories. The list is endless…

#6. Stuff Things into Your Shoes

If you’re bringing extra pairs of shoes with you, know that they’€™re going to take up a lot of space in your bag. However, all of that space is not lost if you use the inside of your shoes to store other things. On a basic level, you can use your shoes to store your socks, undies, towels, belts, chargers, jewelries, etc. Shoes can accommodate a lot more than you can imagine, just try it out, and see for yourself. Mind you, this is advisable only when you maintain clean, stink-free shoes!

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#7. The Rubber Band Magic

Rubber bands are almost indispensable when you want your items neatly parked in a portable bag or box. Sometimes, some folded items such as clothes, electronic device plugs, etc, refuse to stay intact. You can easily use rubber bands to hold them in place.

#8. Compressible Bags Do Wonders!

Compressible bags not only serve as water proof but also provides an almost unlimited parking space. The only disadvantage here is that it does not maintain a strong definite shape which makes for easy collection of items after parking. Also, it is not an ideal travel bag, especially for ladies and the working class. It is mostly sports people or space travelers that use it. All the same, if space or accommodation capacity is your priority, then go for them, they’r really nice. They help you get rid of extra bags as it’s sure to contain all you intend traveling with.

#9. Chose Convertibles

Depending on the type of journey you are embarking on, dual-purpose items, such as pants that turn into shorts, shorts that turn into trousers, skirts that can as well serve as tops and gowns, or a jacket that turns into a travel pillow (convertibles) are good for travelling. It reduces the number of clothes you’ll need. Also shoes that are elastic and foldable go a long way to minimize occupied space.

#10. Wear the Heavy Jackets/Suits in Layers

After taking down what you likely not need in the journey, you are left with a good option that may sound funny but works well – wear the remaining clothes! No need allowing the big cold jackets to occupy space in your travel bag when you can actually put them on. This is usually possible when you’re travelling to a cold region. Of course, those clothes you wear won’t take any space in your box any more. Otherwise, if the whether is hot, and you can’t manage that, you have no other option than to quietly keep back those remaining clothes; don’t force yourself to go with them!

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Hope you found this useful? We’d love you to share with us other packing tricks that have been working for you at the comment section.