Wonderful! Zimbabwe Pastor Interacts with ‘God’ Via His Mobile Phone During Service [Video]

For Pastor Sanyangore, heaven is just a phone call away! The Zimbabwean Pastor calls ‘God’ on phone anytime he wishes to get across to him. 

Pastor Paul Sanyangore of Victory World International claims he has God’s phone number and appears to prove that to one and all when he placed a call to him during a church service. A video of the ‘phone encounter with God’, together with other wonderful things the minister does has since gone viral.

In the video, the pastor called a woman from his crowd of members and asked her to kneel down. He then started receiving a call from ‘heaven’ on what to do about the woman’s case. The Pastor can be seen responding to questions allegedly posed to him by God via his mobile phone which he was holding to his ear.

“Hello, is this heaven? I have a woman here, what do you have to say about her? Oh… I should ask her who is Sibo,” he asks “heaven” amidst cheers and admiration from his members.

The woman responds, telling him who the said person is, and he continued.

“What else Papa God? What else? God is telling me to ask you why is it He’s showing me a heart?”

The woman again responds and the call continued. He said God is telling him to pray for the woman’s two children who are epileptic and asthmatic respectively. After a series of other questions, the pastor finally ended the call by repeatedly saying, “Heaven is online”!

In an interview with Zimbabwean news site H-Metro, Pastor Sanyangore who is also known as Pastor Talent said he does not understand why people were surprised about his having a direct number to God. He went on to explain that it is possible to talk to God on phone; asking why people are doubting that he got a call from Him.

“I have a direct channel, actually I have His number and I can call Him when need arises,” he told H-Metro.

He said he got the direct line to God while he was praying. According to him, he heard a voice telling me to call direct, and he actually calls the line whenever he needs instructions on how to proceed. He reportedly said he would make the numbers available to the public when the time was right.

Meanwhile, have you seen the Ghanaian Pastor who said he can enter banks in spirit and steal money, and can also turn into any animal to kill enemies? He also claims to have the ability to enlarge breasts and manhood, as well as rig elections. Powerful!

Aside calling ‘God’ on phone, Zimbabwe’s Pastor Sanyangore also offer other amazing packages, including “Bethesda, the Pool of Mercy”. You’ll see some of them in the video below.