PPP Merger Proposal: PNC’s Unexpected Response To PPP’s Merging Request Ahead of 2020 Elections

Parties like the PNC are not subscribing to the recent PPP merger proposal ahead of 2020…

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) yesterday March 13, 2017, announced its readiness to merge with other smaller political parties, ahead of the 2020 elections. The decision however has triggered questions among some other opposition parties who deem unusual, the PPP merger proposal.

The PPP made the declaration at a press conference through its National Chairman, Nii Allotey Brew Hammond. Mr. Hammond during the conference, said the party has “authorized party leaders to approach other political parties, pressure groups and individuals with the aim of bringing forces together to forge a united front in the shortest possible time”.

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Explaining the reason behind their decision, Mr. Hammond said that from an in-depth analysis, the PPP has been able to deduce that Ghanaians want an alternative to the political parties that have won elections since the beginning of the Fourth Republic. He continued that the people also want to see a united front that is formidable and one they feel can win elections.

In the simplest analysis, Mr. Hammond implied that Ghanaians want a winning party, as well as a party that will rule in a way that is different from what has been obtainable so far. However some smaller political parties have begun airing their views on the PPP’s offer.

PNC Rejects PPP Merger Proposal 

The People’s National Convention (PNC) has rejected  the PPP’s offer for a merger ahead of the 2020 elections. PPP according to PNC’s 2016 Flagbearer Dr. Edward Mahama, does not have the trust of the party, as the former does not believe in Nkrumahist ideologies. Some of the smaller political parties he said, were founded on Nkrumahist ideologies and cannot be easily swayed into adopting another.

The 2016 Flagbearer of the PNC, specifically stated that his party cannot merge with the PPP as a result of the differences in their ideologies. He also recalled incidents in the past, when attempts have been made for mergers after elections, but failed eventually. Referring to the most recent failed attempt, which was a supposed merger with Conventions Peoples Party (CPP), Mr Edward Mahama said he is not willing to trust any party for a merger

PPP Founder Nduom’s Exit from CPP

Another discouraging factor according to Mr. Mahama is Papa Kwesi Nduom’s exit from CPP to form PPP. It can be recalled that Dr.  Nduom, a former presidential candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) formed his own party, the PPP in 2012 and contested in that year’s election.

Mahama wondered why Nduom left the CPP which was Nkrumahist; in the first place. For his party to merge with the PPP, Mr Mahama said the latter must go back to the CPP, who share the same ideologies with his party, PNC.

The question now is; could there be any other reason behind PPP’s calls for a merger ahead of 2020 elections. It can be recalled that PPP Flagbearer, Papa Kwesi Nduom had discounted possibilities of his party joining forces with another party to contest in the 2016 general elections. This was when he was initially disqualified from the electoral race.

The PPP who have now changed their mind on the issue, is calling on like-minded forces to partner with them ahead of 2020. The PPP also, does not want to wait until elections time, to start pulling forces together. Nduom’s party have made it clear they do not care about campaign slogans or electioneering strategies, as their main focus is to create a party the people can rely on.