Police to Investigate Video of Obinim Flogging so Called Fornicators

The Ghana Police Service has said it will investigate the bizarre act of Controversial Bishop Obinim’s flogging of two teenagers in his church. A video which shows the founder of the international Godsway church Obinim; flogging two teenagers with a belt during a church service, for alleged fornication went viral yesterday, causing an uproar on social media.

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The two teenagers in question reportedly engaged in sexual relations, which resulted to the girl’s pregnancy, which was aborted. Following the leak of the video, there were lots of complaints from the public, most of whom were of the opinion that the rights of the two had been infringed by the pastor.

Obinim flogs teenager

The Police says it has taken notice of the complaints form the public regarding Obinim’s flogging of the two, and will look into the situation. The viral video was reportedly recorded from a TV broadcast. In the video, Obinim is seen rebuking the teenagers for indulging in sexual intercourse. Whilst flogging them with his belt, he asked ask the boy if he would be able to take care of the girl while still in school.

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The girl who could not take the pain ran away at some point, but was caught and restrained as she was beaten by Obinim. She ran away a second time, this time to Obinim’s wife Florence, who was seated on the stage. Obinim’s wife moved away from her on her husband’s order. The girl was held again, before Obinim handed over the belt to a senior member to continue with the flogging.

Many have condemned this act by the controversial pastor. Amid the criticisms, one of Obinim’s aides, Joseph Osei Brenyah has defended the pastor, saying that he acted like a father in that situation. But his justification has been of no significance in calming the massive criticisms hurled at the pastor.

More so, Amnesty International has called for the immediate arrest of the controversial pastor.