PPP Promised Heaven On Earth In Ghana, See Latest Campaign 

Ghanaians Must Correct Errors Of 2012 By Voting For PPP In 2016 

The sizzling campaign for Ghana’s 2016 election campaign continues as the Parliamentary candidate for Cape Coast North, Mrs. Sarah Buchnor boasted that the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) was the only party standing tall among the rest as the party is prepared to procreate more jobs for accumulating unemployed youth in the country.

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While addressing the PPP supporters and sympathizer at Abura, a suburb of Cape Coast, to kick-start her 2016 campaign ahead of the November 7 polls, Mrs Bucknor said that one of the key philosophies of the party is to empower Ghanaian youth and women economically.

According to her, although the party was not in power it had been able to provide many jobs for the youth and would do more if given the opportunity.

She pointed the numerous companies, factories, industries and allied businesses established by the party’s Falagbearer, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, and urged Ghanaians to entrust the nation’s resource in his hands because he was capable to propel Ghanaians to a greater future.

Mrs. Bucknor promised that the PPP would provide competent and visionary leaders to turn the dwindle economy of the nation around and propel the country into speedy development and therefore must be given the nod come November 2016.

PPP Promised Heaven On Earth In Ghana, See Latest Campaign 

She further said the party would provide free compulsory education to every Ghanaian child from the basic to the senior high level, ensure access to quality health care and restore the state’s responsibility for a clean and healthy environment.

“Even though successive governments had over the years failed the people and had put the country in a ‘rotten state’, Ghanaians have the 2016 general elections to correct the error they made in 2012 by not voting for the PPP,” Buchnor said.

She said the high cost of living, unfulfilled promises, uncaring leaders and continued ‘Dumsor’ was the price Ghanaians were paying for not voting for the PPP in 2012.

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More PPP Campaign Promises

Also fostering the campaign, the Party’s National Chairman, Dr. Nii Allotey Brew- Hammond reiterated the party’s commitment in uprooting corruption from the body-politic of the country to reverse the economy into a vibrant one through the use of government’s purchasing power.

He solicited for the people of Cape Coast North and all Ghanaians to vote PPP into power to end the poverty and economic hardship they were going through.