President Mahama Assures Ghanaians that November Polls Will Be Peaceful

President Mahama has assured Ghanaians in diaspora that the government will ensure that the 2016 elections coming up in November will be conducted peacefully.

The president, who is yet to return from his three-day trip to Iran said this while addressing the Ghanaian community in the Iranian capital city of Tehran. He pointed out that the current upheavals prevalent in the country is normal, but should not make them think the elections will turn out to be violent or bloody.

We are in an election year and of course there is a lot of political rhetoric and you should know that it’s normal. in election year. A lot of the political argumentation and debates heightens a bit but I can assure you that we will have a peaceful and successful elections and Ghana will continue to be the beacon of democracy in Africa.”

He explained to his audience that the calendar for the elections have been released, and that the Ghana Electoral Commission is putting every other necessary thing in place in readiness for the elections.

…they’ve released the calendar and the unique thing about the election is that it’s been pulled forward to one month so instead of the first week of December, it will rather be in the first week of November.”

President Mahama who has been making several moves towards diversifying and improving the economy of the country also said one of his latest target sector is that of Oil and Gas. We would recall that during this visit, he went into agreement with the Iranian government in the fight against terrorism.

In the same vein, Turkey has also promised to provide Ghana with 30% of her energy needs in some years to come.

The president also appealed to the EU through the Italian Minister when he visited Ghana not so long ago to help create jobs for African youths in order to save them from the life threatening challenges they face while trying to migrate to developed countries in search of greener pastures.

President Mahama has made so many other commendable moves to make allies with better placed countries in so many areas to see to the improvement of Ghana’s economy and the living standard of citizens in general.